.o.o. .o.o.
.qb.o.dp qb.o.dp. Feb 7
.dop qb dp qob. Fond
.qb o dp. Implements
.dp qb. Wound
.qb M 7 dp. To Eros.
.dp I 1 qb. No
.qb S 2 dp. Bowls a
.dp T 0 qb. Imperfectly, Blood-letting.
.qb dp. Kerchief
.dp qb. your Valentine. Cradling
.qb dp. Leeches
.dp qb. And
.qb dp. Seraphim
o ldb Stranded on
A waterless
Now that weve not only caught up in regards to the decades and the years,
but also the months and indeed weeks, Im left with relatively little to put
in an infofile. Does that mean I have nothing to say? Oh, you dont know
me very well, do you! But Ill try to avoid gratuitously spewing verbiage
for the sake of it.
The undercurrent running through several artists work in this collection is
that of love, celebrated of course on February 14th, Valentines Day. But
the labours of Awesome Angela, Etana, ldb, the Mythical Man, Pinguino and
TeletextR to say nothing of Crowkeeper -- every poem is about love, even
the ones that arent... scratch that, ESPECIALLY the ones that arent! were
the exception rather than the rule, so despite their meritorious pieces, we
found we werent sitting on enough art to make a respectable all-love
artpack... so we had to pad it out with some art to represent the other 27
days in February, waving a little flag for such other eternal themes as ...
Deadmau5. And Spongebob Squarepants. And time travel smackdown, thank you
reNM8R. That last one is commemorated Feb 31, as Kill Your Own Grandfather
As A Young Man Day, sometimes condensed down to Paradox Day.
As well as ongoing ventings from the portfolios of hugely prolific and
productive artists such as Maeve Wolf check her out May 4 at the RAW
exhibition at the Melbourne Pavilion! and Horsenburger featuring at Block
Party 2017: Teletext is the Future at Cambridges Centre for Computing
History at the end of this month with also-seen-in-Mistigris-artpack
teletext artists Illarterate and Raquel Meyers, it also sees us dip further
into the back catalogues of Kalchas ShiftJIS oeuvre, Nick Lakowskis
paintings and Starstews sketchbooks. Additionally, the unplanned ongoing
nature of our monthly artpack releases grants us the opportunity to use some
virtuous creative works we collected for our 22nd anniversary and never used
due to space concerns, including further 90s Square JRPG accordion
soundtracking from An Historic and some truly futuristic kaleidoscope images
by Daniel Wickert.
Am I missing anything? There are small but vital appearances by Zarah and,
for the first time, Ranbahol: I would rather have one submission each from
100 artists than 100 submissions from one artist, because only in the former
situation do I have an artgroup. In the latter case Im more akin to a
kind of pro bono publicist, which is, while not a bum gig, still a very
different -- and lonelier -- arrangement altogether. Speaking of which --
you, reader: will you be making a submission for a future Mistigris artpack?
There it is, in a nutshell -- the answer to the question Will there be
another Mistigris artpack in March? I cant see why not -- but with
everything else going on, a release in April would be downright foolish!
. , Happy
... Valentines
.------------. Day
o @o@o@@o@o@ . . @ o