Information is nutritious by Cthulu
Information is nutritious by Cthulu
Ordinarily our .NFO files contain little if any relevant or
important information which is to be found in the Kithe e-mag. This is to
be no exception, except for the inclusion of a few corrections from the
aforementionned electronic magazine.
Firstly: the special pack of christmas art proposed in Kithe has
been redelegated to a special few handful of files superimposed onto the end
of this pack. Hint - youll find them between the MERRY and XMAS
file seperators.
Secondly: Foetus, the new group which was to have massacred us, died
before it began. Its founder ran off to join that most exclusive of groups,
Thirdly: Regarding Kithe itself - use the music at your own risk. I
personally couldnt get the bugger to work with the sound on, but my
computer is rather tempermental. On a related note, the about the music
article in Kithe is not about the music for Kithe itself, but is about the
file P3-ISYND.S3M found within the pack.
Fourthly and with the air of miscellaney: Sylphids birthday is
September 18th, same as Grim Reapers, and not as reported in our birthday
article. The artist formerly known as Platinum is still with us under the new
handle of Bleak. Expect a February pack from us, as our New Years
Resolution is to release monthly packs at no matter the cost. Also expect a
drastically cut memberlist - if you havent contributed for half a year,
youre out. This should reduce our holdings from 50 to 80 percent! And of
course, there will be certain exceptions. Arent there always?
Group greets go to Fire, Acid, Legend, Fuel, Icon, Dark and Blade.
- Cthulu, El Mistigris Presidente, Jan 1st 1996