MiSTiGRiS Information 01/95 by Cthulu
MiSTiGRiS Information 01/95 by Cthulu
circles - by tzeentch, 1994 - the ascent to power, the rise of the people...
We-hell... it appears that Spirit of Illusion ACiD has decided to
contribute to our packs. What can we do? Push him away? SO, for now, he is a
spanking new mist members. And welcome. Woo.
Also, when I mentionned Zolty selling his computer, well, he kept it.
But he cant use it as hes failing 3 of his courses in school. So hell be
keeping a low profiel for a while.
Also... this has no relevence to people outside of 604, but I would
just like to relay a message:
Date: 9:04 am Sat Jan 28, 1995 Number : 253 of 254
From: Surreal Logic Base : RECOiL Private Messages
To : All Refer : None
Subj: WBT .. Replies: 1
Stat: Normal Origin : Local
Just letting yall know, WBT is dead.
This is rather shocking for us in 604. Well, not really. But it is a
bit of a surprise. In any event, this could mean in a surge of applications
for Mist. Well, well see.
Erhm... that is all 8. Happy... er... January 8.
Well, actually, that isnt all. It appears that one of the important
files in kithe got gimped. So, here it will be, in its entirety, the
Introduction to Kithe 4.
Hello. This is Cthulu. And welcome to anoter wonderful edition of
Kithe. The fact that youre reading this must indicate that you have some sorr
of interest in our lil group called Mistigris and so I shall inform you of
our devious doingses.
The first issue of RECOiL finally came out, staffed almost exclusively
by mist members... so far, it rates ANSI and lits... of smaller groups. Sorta
like Undergrown Issue number 6s out, another pursuit taken by a mist well,
a mist/relic/acid/kts!a, not neccessarily in that order 8 member. Continuing
in the e-mag spirit, weve got members spreading through to Frynge,
Insomnia, Psychosis, and most of UnReaL will be mist and acid members.
On the music front... Admiral Skuttlebutt is actively pursuing the
myriad little music groups here in 604... we should be seeing some developments in the upcoming months with these groups. Poihaps anudder moosic disk.
In the coding world, were experimenting with Pablo, a spiffy new
viewer, and a possible new graphical standard! 8 Yknow all those useless
characters in Tdraw? Like, ? No one ever uses these. But how
many of you wished that there was, for example, a half-sized that only filled a quarter of a block? Or a diagonal slice? The times, they are a-changin, and
were doing as much to further the scene as we can. More on this next month.
For ANSI... well... there you go. 8
I cleaned up the lit department, and began collaborations with several
people. You should expect to see many dual-authored lits and lit/ansis in the
next pack.
I also discovered the internet this month. Wow. ansi is inane. 8
w00p w00p. Well, in this pack, we include the email addresses of mist members,
so you can contact your favorite one.
Thats all for this month,
signing off...
Your fiend,
Puppy dog tail