MIST0121 memberlist by Cthulu and CoaXCable
MIST0121 memberlist by Cthulu and CoaXCable
Pack 0121
Release Date: Jan/25/2021
List of Participating Artists occupies a rarefied echelon of glitch production, like a tree
that drops apparently effortless scrambled fruit at peak ripeness.
8 bit baba is an accomplished South Asian graphic designer with a side line in
minimalist pixel art, which he paints on canvases as well as screens.
AXB threw down newschool ASCII art with the best -- Remorse, ACiD and Unit --
during the underground computer artscenes silver age, starting in 1996... but
since none of them are around anymore, hes been reduced to slumming with us.
Mike Blippypixel Rose is a digital artist whose tastes veer toward the
vintage in electronic music and visuals, dabbling in low-poly 3D modeling,
LED pixelart, and teletext as well as work in the distinctive palette of the
BBC Micro.
CoaXCable is a helpful sort, always happy to throw in a handful of blocks on
short notice. Wherever we have a rough spot, hes holding it together.
C0unt WAVnstein is an audio engineer and retro computer enthusaist who grew up
with the Commodore range of computers, starting with the PET. He loves
combining old school and modern technologies in creative endeavours.
Everyone has a different road to textmode art. Docpop had to first conquer the
world of the yo-yo before finding his way here, in a roundabout fashion. So
if you think you have something to say about niche passions... youve got
another thing coming! But I damn him with faint praise, also adept in the
fields of game design and chiptune music. Youll just have to look him up to
get the full story.
Dos Grog continues in the expansion of our Italian contingent, demonstrating a
playful devotion to the pixelart medium.
The Elk is a character who we have crossed paths with several times under
several different guises, but he is difficult to put your finger on for long.
You dont get to see all aspects of an artists creative practice manifest in
a computer artpack you probably wont get a chance to see EmmaDobles work
in ceramics in these pages, but if you settle for her pixelart, its a well
worthwhile consolation prize.
FarrellLego prefers a broader canvas for his brick mosaics, engaging all
manner of nerdy subjects against grey studded backings... hoping against hope
that he doesnt, again, run out of pieces!
gkmac has been rocking the teletext sixels since before the turn of the
century, though due to the ephemeral nature of the medium -- youd be hard-
pressed to prove it!
The last time he drew art that appeared in a Mistigris artpack, Grymmjack was
holding membership in a crew called Polyester and he was celebrating our fourth
anniversary, unaware of our recent death. We eventually put his generous
gesture to use upon reviving, and are delighted to be once again crossing paths
with him 23 years later ! This time around, no one had to die.
Hayn9 blesses our undertaking with a guest appearance moonlighting from her
regular gig with the Legacy Krew. We only offer the tip of the iceberg!
A genuine professional teletext illustrator two decades hence, Steve
Horsenburger Horsley has recently returned to the game for love of the art:
Its kind of frustrating to discover you are good at something only to
realise its pointless in todays world, but I just really like doing it so I
am going to carry on. We feel your pain, Steve! At his website you can
commission original teletext creations from him, so dont delay to get your
own piece of textmode art history!
Illarterate is a multimedia artist from Wigan, UK. Despite attempts to
modernise, he will forever be known as That Guy That Does Teletext Art. But
whoever said thats a bad thing? / /
Every medium has several modes: a pre-modern approach, a clean modern
style, and a post-modern detournement, often in the glitch idiom. In
Jellica Jake, teletext has found its glitch ma/onster! It is such a simple
3-bit medium there quite simply isnt the complexity needed for things to go
really wrong, but somehow this artist, doing more with less, has found depths
of texture to imply psychological profundity between the lines. / /
Taking inspiration from the basic medium of ASCII art, Joni nscii Caparas
treats the characters as design elements on a black canvas, in a fashion
similar to, but fundamentally different from, artscene ASCII practice.
Basically, from their base in Berlin theyve reinvented the artform from first
principles. /
Kazunari Kalcha Naito represents the tip of an iceberg we know little of and
understand still less of -- Japans ShiftJIS parallel textmode art scene. His
works are informed by his interests in 70s prog rock, jazz, and fine art.
The idea was so great it was inevitable that it would spontaneously emerge in
different contexts: Kurogao is another visionary straddling the related but
very different worlds of ASCII art and emoji typography, blending both into
single-panel vignettes.
Part of a feral tribe of uncontacted textmode artists at the 8bitMUSH at
ANSIART.COM, LDA emerges from a family pixel art concern to grace us with the
imagery of his people.
LegoColin uses a plethora of programs to prepare images for physical
incarnation in the ultimate pixelart composition: assembled using Lego bricks.
LittleBitSpace experiments with ASCII art, now turning it into a line art
medium, now dabbling with the use of negative space, superimposed for effect
against high resolution backgrounds.
Mavenmob is an interesting case, informed by equal parts of the philosophy of
J. Krishnamurti and his artscene youth in Blade and Echo. His most recent
undertaking is a game called The Word Is Not The Thing. Our lit division
may need to beg to differ. /
You wont see any of Mavriks creative work in this archive, but theres a very
good chance that the collection will have passed through his graciously-offered
web hosting at en route to you, picking up from his historical
facilitator role greasing the gears of Mists KiTSCHNet echomail network from
its home at Daemons Gate BBS.
An old dog doing new tricks, MeaTLoTioN has made a return to the BBS scene
after many years away, and this time is trying his hand at some textmode art,
contributing to the UK scene with some attempts at being creative. On a
normal day he enjoys red meat, vegetables, plenty of greens and a shipping
ton of gravy.
Nikki is a queer woman who loves retro games, technological tat ... and arty
arty crafty stuff! She has taken up the arcane art of teletext, which we are
authorized to share with you.
Part of a peculiar current of untapped anxious ANSI art energy charging new
talents on the periphery of the digital underground, this time around Odd got
zapped with the voltage.
Ozunaga is just getting warmed up... put on your welders goggles and stand
PixardNeh celebrates his pop culture favorites in a self-described self-
indulgent spasm of pixelart. Were just lucky enough to be sitting by on the
prunes: storytelling pixelartist or pixel-illustrating storyteller? Why not
Sassafras, our initial gateway to the FANSI world of the 8bitMUSH, makes
another sporadic appearance from the wilder reaches of textmode art.
A graduate of the MIRCart school of hard knocks, Shapes can be caught
undertaking creative activities online and off.
Smorltork has better musical taste than you do. In his situation, most
gravitate to campus radio or the music industry press, but instead, he renders
album artwork in minimalist fusion bead arrangements, challenging you to figure
out which albums they represent for yourself.
Snake PETsken fell in love with Commodore computers when he was 8... 36 years
ago... and tries to keep the same wonder and passion from when he was a kid,
starting to grasp the fundamentals of coding. His modern graphite portrait
practice must have somehow influenced his PETSCII style, driving him to try to
get the most out of every single character cell. The only software he uses is
Petmate, a nice PETSCII editor, and you can see his PETSCII handiwork in
releases by The Solution.
Thomas Boevith teksttvdk is a teletext artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark. / /
Carl TeletextR Attrill represents Mistigris continuing wave of
introducing the great public textmode art tradition -- teletext -- to the
underground computer artscene. / @carlosteletextr
Music machine JaZz got a little confused when the scene shifted on the Amiga,
his scene got rocked a little earlier than the PC kids, but shaking his head
he picked himself back up and has kept on keeping on. Now Jason Johannson aka
Theorica has managed to keep his creative flame burning through his
extraordinary everyday, and in this collection he offers a compelling glimpse
into it.
Uglifruit is the alter-ego of Andy Jenkinson. Andy is quite tall does things
with music. Andy on occasion feels the need to express himself elsewhere. /
Yet another tireless participant of the UKs teletext renaissance, it seems
almost inevitable that we would provide a home for Alistair ZXGuesser Crees
playful screens beneath our umbrella.
and our usual round of greetz to our colleagues at:, Lazarus,
Legacy,,,, Fire Dream, Break, CoolPhat, the
2XL crew, @hirmuofficial,,, pHluid,, null e-mag, ArakNet and TABNet!