Colly. by Cronic Killah
Colly. by Cronic Killah
w o r l d / 2 !
first im gonna show u my ancee logos, than my ancee picts, than my
first attempt at asskey g.. . I usually just do logos for my own board, but
ive done many for other boards.. . i can probley do ancees for each pack..
also can my board be a distro for nothing g and if I get in misery er whutevahcould it be a misery distro g geez, after my board changed up, I got rid of pddistro shit..
w o r l d ! ?
this was one of my second attempts to ancee.. . as you can see I love
dripping / bloOdy letters, all my school binders are like that.. g
t h e
another drippy ancee, i dont only draw dripping, I draw bubble,this
style, some times hand writting, and anything that looks cool.. . I chose
to show you this one becawuse I like the t
w o r l d / 2
my first picture.. . aftah seeing homie picts, and these smiling dudes,
I said fuck its time for my own.. and here it is! I dont work on picts that
much but thats not bad for my first! I also got my favorite hOmie g, but he
looks like alot of others, and it might look ripped so hell stay as my
duplex chat..
.aPYP .aPPa. .aPY, .aP Pa.
iiii iiii iiii iiii iiii iiii iiii
o, o o o, o
w o r l d / 2
tha rage of thilth
i sent these to sadistic intent. .. call my board up at
475-1285, i-net e-mail me at, or send a
reply with sadistic intent.. weve talked awhile back.. l8z man!