W H A T I S T H E M E A N I N G O F L I F E ? P A R T 2
/ / / / m u s i c
s o u l +
id l i k e to m e e t you
perhaps s o m e d a y soon
until then i l l w a t c h
w a i t :
p a t i e n c e is a virtue
so t h e y say
b u t then w h o a r e t h e y.
a n y w a y ........ . . .
/ h e a l i n g
i d o n t u n d e r s t a n d / w h y d o e s i t h u r t
. scribbled on . tacked on . taken along . broken down . someday gone .
b e n e a t h d i s o:r:d:e:r
r e m a i n s o:r:d:e:r
i w i s h t o s e:e:::t:h i s
i f o n l y f o r a m:o:m:e:n t
t o u c h :::::::::
i f n o t t o f e e l:::::::::
f e e l :::::::::
i f n o t t o b e w a:n:t:e:d:
i w a n t t o h:a:v:e:::t h a t
s e c u r i t y ------------------------------------------- / -------
keep me s a f e
protect me from h a r m
i w a s p r o m i s e d a w a y o u t
b u t i t w a s uncomfortable
t h e r e w i l l b e a n a l t e r n a t i v e
uxge to kxll.urxe xo hxnt.xrge tx ext.uxge tx fxcx.urgx to wxnt. hxmxnity is
waxt xo urxe.hxd enxugx.hax txo mxch.xad to kilx.had xo eax.nexd to wxnt. it
lxve to xeed.xant tx nxed.xant to loxe.wxsh i cxxld.scxrex x dxnt.yxu cxn be
txed to thxs.hxve to wxsh.wxlk a lxne.drxp to knxex.lovx xo wixh.xish i doxt
t i m e
M eE
I mM eE
T iI mM eE
tT iI mM e
tT iI mM e
tT iI m
tT iI m e
tT i
tT i m
t i
:::::: :::::: / / :::::: ...... t r i a l
my b e s t was n o t always g o o d enough
y e t
m y best w a s not a l w a y s my b e s t
t h o u g h
my b e s t is y e t to c o m e
e n o u g h :::::::::::::::::::::::::: :
A / confused as to what she
::::: had seen, bree awoke in
::::: wonder if it had all
D / been a dream. the light
::::: was bright, almost
::::: / blinding. was all about
V / timing unlucky that she
::::: had been there. was it
::::: the light or just
A / another in a long list
::::: of humanities fuckups.
::::: pondering the thought
N / for too long was not
::::: / helping her or anyone
::::: /. else for that matter.
C the thoughts shattered
::::: and she felt the cold
::::: /. of this nighttime air.
E // must have been about
::::: 2 in the morning.
::::: bree started yawning
::::: she was incredibly
..........::::: tired, worn out. A
:.......................... harsh pain was felt
:::::::::::: in her chest, as if
:::::::::::: someone had reached
:::::::::::: inwards, wrenched out
:::::::::::: her heart. she took
:::::::::::: one glimpse of her
:::::::::::: arms, and could make
:::::::::::: out what appeared to
::::::::::::.................... be bruises, bumps,
:::::: running along the
......................................:::::: fore-arm to her
:::::::::: fingertips. she
:::::::::: touched her chest,
:::::::::: it was cold, yet she
:::::::::: felt on her fingers
:::::::::: a very warm liquid.
:::::::::: although it was dark
:::::::::: she was certain it
:::::::::: was blood. no
...::::::::::.................... recollection. lost.
::::::::: i want to help you.
i n n o c e n c e
we are all corrupted at some point. some of us it takes awhile.
some of us sooner than others. innocence is lost.
the picture begins with watercolours, and ends with felt tip pens,
drained of their ink.
things always look better at first glance. ::::::::::::
s m i l e
::::::: ::::::: / / l O V e
c h a n c e
/ r e l e v a n c e
what is the relevance?
perhaps there is none.
t h e e n d
- w i s e k i d
drop a line : wlynskey@hotmail.com - i have decided i no longer do requests
+------------------------------ credit to deep puddle dynamics for the idea