Oh no! Hes back, and hes still got a fro!
. oo/ . /
Did you miss me? beyotch!
he has long been forgotten, and now hes back from the ashes
presenting power unmatched, irresistable, unstopable.
fear the head.
. ., ,..l ......... ,.
mt --------/ /
: / l // / .,
the man with the one-eyed monkey, leader of the jewish mafia.
People achieve different levels of thinking by using outside
influences, some swim, some meditate, some play the piano,
I smoke pot.
, y, , y,
4/ 4/
- -mmmyy, - -mmmmy, - -mmmmy,
-- - - y 4/ . 4/ . 4/
mimic ascii 1999 - : : :
HIGH FUCKING OCTANE. : mmmmmmy : : mmmmmmy : :
haji@mimic.ca : : : : : : : : lm*
a n d
mjay/martz .,... ..,,,,,,........, .., .
DEG65! ,.....,,,,.. ...,, ... .
the infamous clan of crack users and abusers.
D E G E N E R A T I O N 6 5
I love you mjay.
who would have thought that I would be doing a colly again...
: :: B R O T H E R S
mt : / // ..............,,,, /
: / :. rp
.. : ........ ....:: I N A R M S. , .,............,
And you will all feel the wrath, and bow before the power of
Youre trying to break me down
yet, I wont let you succeed.
Youre trying to break down my soul
making me feel like a helpless kid.
as I lay flat on my back,
staring at your sky,
Im thinking to myself
if the choice was to worship you,
I think Id rather die.
Is The man.
And so burns the tormented soul of the artist,
as his pain is his creation,
and every shed of paint he throws upon the paper
is like a shed of blood, drawn from his veins.
----// mt----/ // //
And back came the warriors
from the field of battle.
their swords colored red
their shields torn apart
their arms tired
from the act of war.
and on their way from the battlefield
they saw this young innocent girl
who asked them one word
And they had no answer.
,.: B A R A K :
Their friendship knows no limit
their love is unimaginable
they will die for each other
they will die side by side.
they are the brothers in arms.
k a r m a /
s t y l i n g s !
- so this goes out for karma, coolest group I had the honor of being
in, along with 2 of the coolest people in the scene - mankind and
ant1k, live long and prosper, and watch out for us k-doggz, boo!
It has once been a hobby
and now its burning with hellfire
as huge forces collide
and fight over
the reign
m /
a / ---/ :::::::::::::::::::::::::.
r / : ::
t/ / : ::
z/ // ... : .., ::
/ :: // d65 // ::
I dont need no arms around me
I dont need no drugs to calm me
I have seen the writing on the wall
Dont think I need anything at all
No dont think need anything at all
All in all it was all just bricks in the wall
All in all we were just bricks in the wall
,,.. .. ,m :::::,
:: E L - N I N O ::::::
:::::::::::::::::::: :::::: ::::::: ll :.
. :: l / / / / /
,. /---/. //mt ,:::::
.. M I M I C .:.::
There once was a group named Spies.
There were 3 newbies in that group.
Once was called Sculpture
today hes known as funk-e aka prosthesis.
The other was called kayozz.
The third was called Dataflow,
today hes known as el-nino.
This goes to the three of them -
massive respects, you are 3 of the scenes
martz/d65 / // .
And so die the brothers in arms,
one by another, scream into the sky,
as their blood mixes up,
their souls dance in a circle,
as old and new collide
and the new will finally overcome
and life will go on.
werd up rippa.
/ / / / / / / / rp/l
/ // // / / // / / mt/m
. . . .c.rimson..
The virtual empire keeps growing and growing
and we keep getting smaller and smaller.
the bulletin boards are long forgotten,
as the monsterous spiders crawl and take
us prisoners in their web.
One day itll be over, my friends,
one day the scene will cease to exist,
and me and all of my brothers in arms
will go our seperate ways,
armed with nothing but memories
and hopes for days to come.
Long live the art scene.
c r a c k r o c k . n e t
Closing words:
This is the first colly Ive created that I actually consider a masterpiece.
Every word, every ascii mark, every dot on the screen has been carefully
selected. It took me two months to work on this colly, as I strained to reach
perfection. This colly is for the glory of our art scene, so fragile yet so
powerful, it affected my life, and Im sure it had affected most of you who
read my words as we speak. We are the Brothers in arms. we make this scene
a second home, we stand by each other, we arise together, and we will fall
together. sad thing is, when we fall, there will be nothing left, for our world
is known only to us, noone else will care about it except us. It is time we
took the scene to another level, it is time we started creating instead of just
drawing, it is time we stand united and proud.
I hope you enjoyed viewing this colly, god knows I busted my ass on it.
Im going to Lebannon in a month, god knows if Ill come back alive.
This is my heritage to you, I hope youll keep it.
I stand humble before you, my brothers.
July 1999.