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ll li **P i:*TP
sCk :: ** :P* *TP
ll Productions *.
: mimic/productions/pack/2!
black jack blkjack@efnet
konami konami@efnet
serial toon serial2n@efnet
anarkzz anarkzz@efnet
astrocreep afrocreep@efnet
deadsoul dsoul@efnet
dezibel dezibel@efnet
erick sermon dezerick@efnet
genick gen1ck@efnet
hitek hitek@efnet
mydknight mydknight@efnet
psylock psylock@efnet
biogenesis bg-mimic.asc
gravedancer gdr-mim.asc
kayozz zz-mmc.asc
mankind mk-mimic.asc
massm + txilion us-mmc.003
mso ml-mimic.asc
prodigy pr-mimic.asc
miasma miasma@efnet
mimic@efnet, email submissions/guests to jeffjc@globalserve.net
or serial2n@remorse.org also contact blkjack or serial2n
regarding joining.
Also, mimic would like to send out a thanks to ohseven of
the ascii crew for his help and time associated with this
pack. *cough* qcd ascii *cough*. ohseven, you know we all
love you. The same also applies to trip, names reversed :
-serial toon black jack