Text Explaining All this junk. :) by Reaper Wildwood
Text Explaining All this junk. :) by Reaper Wildwood
Alright, I dont have much time. Heres what is up.
A couple members of ACiD pointed out to me that Several of the ANSIs
from the 07/94 MiiS Pack just released were ripped from previously released
ANSIs. And when I say RIPPED I dont mean they were drawn from the same
comic cover as another ansi and therefore look similar, like with Hounds
last month. Some of these are DIRECT BLOCK COPIES. Take a look for yourself
Use ACiDVIEW, I used SAUCE to make comparing the ANSIs easier : and judge.
EVEN THE FILEID.DIZ from MiiSs July pack was ripped! HOW pathetic can one
get... not very much more. Heres a Run-down of the items contained in this
ZIP file.
Orig. ANSI RIPPED ANSI Description
GA-HR .ANS TE-TDS .ANS This is the most blatent of all the rips.
The Exorcist just plain block copied the
entire Iron Fist pic from Gammas Hyper
Reality ANSI.
PN-SUN1 .GOT TE-TSA .ANS Its not entirely clear whether the font from
TT-TAS .ICE The Exorcists ANSI here was ripped from
Pnakotics SUN Logo or Tempus Thaless TASB
font, since Pnakotics font from the SUN logo
was used in TTs TASB ANSI. But, it has
clearly been ripped.
DV-HM1 .GOT TE-NEUR .ANS In this QuickRip g, THe Exorcist just stole
Dark Visions font from his Harvest Moon
logo. Another blatent rip. He didnt even
change the colors, the shading or ANYTHING
on this font.
TE-BAB .ANS FW-HOOD .VNT This one is funny. This time, The Exorcist
DV-PL1 .GOT decided drawing his own pic or font and
ripping the other half or finding a RARE
ansi to rip from so no oned notice : was
too much, so he directly ripped his pic from
Faded Whispers pic in his The Hood ANSI, and
copied the font from Dark Visions Paradise
Lost logo. Poor Dark Vision. Ripped TWICE in
the same pack!
LA-DC .ANS BE-DNA1 .ANS Although this isnt a DIRECT rip like those
of his Partner in crime The Exorcist, Lord
Ash copied this font from Beasties DnA ANSI.
The Shading and Colors and Block placement
inside the letters are EXACTLYT the same, and
it doesnt take a trained eye to see that
this qualifies as being ripped, since the
usage of Beasties work in another font was
NOT OKd or even mentioned to him.
Well, thats about it. I am sure with all this ripping going on, there
is much much more in MiiSs packs. This was all found from memory, just
looking and saying hey, *I* did that! or I KNOW Ive seen that before!.
So I hope anyone involved with this group who ISNT involved in this ripping
gets out while you still have an undamaged reputation. As for the rest of
these guys...I dont think their life in the Art scene will last too much
-RW iCE/Cancer