maiden: info - august 1997 by maiden staff
maiden: info - august 1997 by maiden staff
Maiden Brazil Information File
June 1997 File Design by Rorshack
Maiden Brazil was founded on September 1996 by Ro
rshack. Since founding, Maiden
has grown a lot, gaining and losing some members.
This file contain information about the group, like member an
d site listing and
some other information. If you want some information that is
not here or youd
like to make some comment, feel free to mail us.
Also, read the news file NEWS9705.NFO to th
e latest news about the group.
Maiden Brazil mixes some of the best art makers in th
e brazilian scene to bring
you quality packs every month. We are currently only acceptin
g brazilian dudes,
so, if you are brazilian and you want to join us, run our app
lication generator
MDN-APP.EXE and send us the result. We would really
like to gain more artists
to make a yet cooler, bigger and smoother art package.
This is our member list. Feel free to mail us for comments, r
equests, questions
or whatever although I cannot say that the artists will do t
he requests.
Bugs Bunny
Skills: A
Email: bu
:8 Age:
City/State: S
o Paulo, SP
Music: ???
In the scene since:
Hobbies: ???
Comments: ???
Enzo e0
Skills: Ansi
Age: 17
City/State: Recife, PE
Music: Mangue Beat
In the sce
ne since: March/1996
Hobbies: Jiu-jitsu
Comments: ???
Fear Proph
et fr
Skills: A
Email: fe
:-o City/State: R
io de Janeiro, RJ
Music: Rock
In the scene since:
Hobbies: Soccer
Comments: ???
Email: minotaur@ni
Age: 15
City/State: Rio de Janeiro
, RJ
Music: Trash Metal / Punk Roc
In the scene s
ince: April/1995
Hobbies: Soccer playing
mr Comments: Why talk wh
en you can scream?
Mosh m0
Skills: Ascii
Email: Use Maiden email
Age: 18
City/State: Rio de Janeiro, RJ
ic: ???
In the scene since: ???
Hobbies: ???
Comments: ???
Skills: Ansi/Ascii/VGA
Age: 19
ity/State: So Paulo, SP
Heavy Metal
In the scene since: August/1996
Hobbies: Headbanging, Inline sk
ating, Photography
Comments: If youre not
a Comics fan, do not try
to understand
this picture
Sphinx sp
Skills: Ansi/Ascii
Age: 16
City/State: S
o Paulo, SP
Music: ???
In the scene since: ???
bies: ???
Comments: ???
In order to distribute our packs all over the world, we have
created a list of
affiliated sites BBSs in different countries and area code
s. Always, when a
new Maiden Brazil release an artpack or a music is
released, this sites will
recieve the file first. So, if you want to see our packs as
they are released,
all you have to do is log on the board on the first day of th
e month sometimes
on the second day, the file will be sitted there waiting for
you I hope so.
Distribution Sites is the name given to this boards
that distribute our packs.
Internet Resources lists our affiliated and non-affil
iated resources on the big
If you access any of this boards, please send us your comment
s about it. We can
not keep information about all of them as phreaking isnt so
easy nowadays. So,
if you have information that some of this boards is closed,
or if some of them
is dead online but without users or file maintenance, pleas
e notify us.
Note: some boards that have recently joined may not
be on this list. If your
board is not here, do not worry - it will be added nex
t month.
Note: do not ask, we do NOT have any headquarters bes
ides our WHQ, and we will
NOT be taking any kind of HQ.
Maiden Brazil World Sanctuary
ic Asylum
Phone: +55-011-539-3826
Currently beeing
Nodes: 1 24hs/28k8
SysOp: Bugs Bunny
old version
City/State: So Paulo, SP o
Member Boards
Phone no.
Darkside Of Wizards
Into The Void
Mental Disorder Suicide Solut
ion +55-11-285----
The Avatar Board Minotaur
Internet Resources
Maiden Brazil World Wide Web Site
The main address to find information about us
General purpose E-Mail address
General information and comments - for requests, em
ail each artist
Active IRC channels maide
n on efnet
IRC channels that we access maiden
on ircnet
Non-affiliated ftp site ftp://ftp.cdrom
The Artpacks Archive, the first place where the a
rtpacks are uploaded
Distribution sites
Phone no.
Born Dead
7alo Argentina
+54 1 644-1360
Celestial Dreem
s Rabies/Aneurysm Canada
+1 204 489-6897
Cess Pool Aspyre
Canada +1 416 698-01
Chronic Organism Poison
United Kingdom +44 1
61 427-8214
Iron Fox Soul Stalke
r Brazil +55 011 492-5957
Mr4tune Germany +49 30 7138-9681
Lost In 3o3 Ramirez S
witzerland +41 062 773-1741
Lunatic Late Riser G
ermany +49 0211 976-9616
Optical Illusion Pyx N
ORWAY +47 5512-2892
Paranoia Hexadecimal B
razil +55 011 522-4908
Paradoxs Den Paradox U
nited Kingdom +44 01582 86-1498
Refraction Nutbutter A
ustralia +61 3 5971-4723
Undergrnd Nation The Eraser B
razil +55 011 246-2598
The Electr. Cube Lightning Knight B
ahrain +973 740-611
The Lost City Psyonide C
anada +1 905 294-7602
Toast704 Absent Spinsister S
weden +46 08 768-6904
Too Oblivious Sagittarius Y
ugoslavia +381 11 176-1507
See some mistake? Please notify us. Also be chec
k the phone numbers
Thanx to all the boards that have
Maiden Brazil Information File
June 1997 File Design by Rorshack
We got the right
Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pt. II
Dont turn your head
back to the wall
dont close your eyes
and wait for your fall
If you believe that you know in this time
youve got anything to win
if you believe that you know
then I say, youll lose all again
Bridge: In this time theres nothing to get for you
you cannot really do what you want
youre a child, a prisoner in your mind
you are a victim of this hopeless time
You better believe all you do has a sense
its not for nothing
you better believe all the troubles you have
will play you someday
Bridge: Why dont you help yourself and do the best
put all the bombs back and up their builders ass
why dont you you stand up to say who you are
to show the people that paradise is not far
Chorus: Oh, cant you see
we got the right
to look into the future without no need to hide
no, we wont accept what you do
we stand up cause were not the people you can ab
oh, cant you see we got the right
to say we are here to see the light
no, we dont wanna lose all again
stand up, you people, to save the world
as good as you can
We are credulous idiots
and wont understand what they plan
we march with the times
its what they expect and we do
Why dont you open your eyes
to uncover all of these lies
I think you wont accept this
go oppose with your fist
fight for your rights
Chorus: Oh, cant you see
we got the right
to say we are here to see the light
no, we dont wanna lose all again
stand up, you people, to save the world
as good as you can
no, we dont wanna lose all again
stand up, you people, to save the world
as good as you can