boil germany!@ by rorshack
boil germany!@ by rorshack
rorshack maiden brazil
-------- greotz fly on your way like an eagle to:
fastjack: ich chucruts ein berliner schumac
her hail kai hansen!
jerusalem: tchs draft mller beckenbauer a
uwschevitz accept?@
I liked this logo. In fact, I think it is one of
the best ones Ive
ever made. You know, Ive always liked ansi, I see it as
some kind
of hobby my local scene have always been almost dead.
some text I have read by Halaster, recently I w
as mostly looking
at ansi as an obligation. I wasnt happy and I didnt f
eel like
drawing good logos anymore. I just did the same old norm
average stuff.
But most recently, I saw some great new artists you kno
w who you
are and other old br artists improving a lot th
eir skills. I felt
drawing for fun again. It was cool.
Now I decided to draw just what I want, because I want
to do the
best stuff possible for me. Duh.
Because of this, Id like to say I will no longer take r
from people I dont know. If I know you well, and if you
need an
ansi, e-mail me. Ill be happy to do it - if you have th
e time to
wait for it remember I survive by my own, I dont have
a mommy and
a daddy to pay my bills, so it may take sometime.
Thats it! Great work, BOIL!
keep it up, rockn roll, good ansi save your soul
Yeah mINO, wheres the joint?
or something.
- rorshack.