Angst by Nothing
Angst by Nothing
I remember an old friend describing love as an acc
eleraed heartbeat and an
exchange of gushing bodily fluids. I remember lau
ghing as I added to his
definition for him: and a crisp fifty d
ollar bill to cover damages.
No. He didnt know what love was. Didnt know REAL
He never knew the feeling of looking into someones
eyes for the first time and not seeing their eyes,
but instead whole imaginative worlds where everyth
turns out perfectly in the end. Never kn
ew the feeling of seeing a movie with
someone and not paying the slightest attention to t
he screen. Never knew the
apprehension of irresistably grabbing someones han
d for the first time in a
sudden moment of surreal insanity. Never
knew the anticipation when
professing ones love to another for the
first time. Or the exhilaration
having those same feelings openly reciprocated afte
He never knew the feeling of sharing ones soul wit
h another completely. Never
knew the reassurance of having someone there at all
times for support. Never
knew the feeling of internal warmth caused just by
studying the moonlit silhouette of someone
s body as they lie sleeping in the same bed. Never
the incredible feelings of trust and loyalty that g
o hand in hand with being
completely and utterly in love with someone.
No. He didnt know the real meaning of the word lo
And so.
He never had anything to lose.
Fifty bucks.
He got off cheap.
No pun intended.
Damn, I miss
what have i become?
my sweetest friend everyo
ne i know goes away in the end
you could have it all
my empire of di
i will le
t you down
i will make you hurt
- z
Trance The Vampire C1996 Casey Kalmes