Mistigris June 1998 Member/sitelist by Quip / Cthulu
Mistigris June 1998 Member/sitelist by Quip / Cthulu
mistigris - who?
senior staff:
Cthulu valentine@infomatch.com
Happyfish abbey@netcom.ca
department heads:
ansi - now hiring! this@could.be.your.address!
ascii - Weird high5@odelay.dyn.ml.org
hirez - Dominion dominion@mindspring.com
- Dracomage pyriot@gte.net
lit - Cthulu valentine@infomatch.com
ripscrip - Lady Blue ldyblu@aol.com
music - Haquisaq haquisaq@tjm.canbbs.net
coding - Sylphid sylphid@infomatch.com
internet - Phenom acidrop@wwti.com
paper-pushers and bureaucrats - Schtroumpf schtroumpf@ultranet.ca
plain old members:
who they is: what they does: where they can be found:
Agnostic lit zeit48@hotmail.com
Bisquick ascii pibs@hotmail.com
Corinthian ansi lit corndark@hotmail.com
Crowe lit crowe@darkspiral.com
Crystal Meth ascii code music crstlmth@direct.ca
David X lit davieboy@vcn.bc.ca
Dead Soul ansi ascii vga dsoul1@hotmail.com
Dominion vga dominion@mindspring.com
Dracomage lit music vga pyriot@gte.net
Dragolisk code vga dragolisk@usa.net
Enelf Daragard vga goslach@globetrotter.com
Eto code vga eto@globalserve.net
Ewerx vga lod@technologist.com
Flibbles ansi inet music flibzisapimpdaddy@mistigris.orgFritz music cdheim0@service1.uky.edu
gNOMe vga gnome@lynx.bc.ca
Hacker Joe code music hacker.joe@tjm.canbbs.net
Haquisaq ansi music bryanchan@aol.com
Inferno vga unknown
Infinite Madness vga unknown
Katz vga poloboy@globalserve.net
King Arthur music vga justin@vivid.net
Kyo ansi rip vga kyo@lava.net
Lady Blue lit rip ldyblu@aol.com
Melodia music ua770@freenet.victoria.bc.ca
Mmmelk ascii genocide@intergate.bc.ca
Muton ascii muton@tjm.canbbs.net
Onyx lit music vga onyx@tjm.canbbs.net
OtnooIshfoo lit code otnoo.ishfoo@tjm.canbbs.net
Phenom inet acidrop@wwti.com
Platinum ansi ascii platz@geocities.com
Quip ansi ascii lit music jmalcolm@geocities.com
ripscrip code ----------------------
Rage ansi vga rage@geocities.com
Raine Davis lit dictatorsmiley@hotmail.com
rzicus vga ansi doOdleboy@doglover.com
Skrubly lit derf@sonic.net
Spectral Knight lit code inet spec@obscurity.org
Talonswift ascii lit talonswift@tjm.canbbs.net
Tricolore ansi ascii music vga umeatoug@cc.umanitoba.ca
Weird ansi ascii vga inet high5@odelay.dyn.ml.org
Zamfir Worshipper lit drstrangelove@hotmail.com
Zinnia Kray lit barbara.?@tjm.canbbs.net
being left off this list does not neccessarily constitute expulsion from the
group. in fact, wed love to put you back on the list, but we have to have a
good reason to. hanging around in mist is an okay reason. submitting art,
on the other hand, is an amazingly amazing reason.
The Jade Monkey 604 730-2467 Happyfish WHQ / Net
C1ty iZ Burning 418 841-3410 The Extremist CHQ / Net
The Regency its down now Halaster USHQ
Infinite Darkness 954 797-0666 Midnight Sorrow Southern HQ / Net
6 node ringdown
Neosporin 604 942-9772 Rage Music HQ / Net
The Black Rose Tavern 770 222-9012 Dominion Member / Net
Nexus Deadpool Corp. 604 948-3252 Spectral Knight Member
Ray Earth ??? ???-???? Kyo Member
Caffeine. 360 336-5976 Prong Site
Blue Moon +618 8332-3403 Pulse Site
uSELESS +358-9-25864082 Tekk Site
so the chicken and the egg are lying in bed together smoking cigarettes and the
chicken leans over to the egg and says, Well, I guess we figured that one out!
katz for cyber kicks in the ass, happyfish and eoanya for literal ones,
mr. flibbles for a last minute pep talk you sexy thing!, phenom for the
registration, dominion for patience, talonswift for being just generally cool
rather, knowledgable in the ways of coolness, tricolore and king arthur for
letting me release old stuff, zinnia for meet enthusiasm, glick for constant
devotion and lets call her laura for a reason to keep on going. poot-booty@!