death is always near us. by
death is always near us. by
hello. this is your captain speaking.
this is my first pic ever, and it didnt
turn out especially good, but its ok.
dedicated to the fans and members of nerp.
remember us as the group we wanted to be
biz and nothing other. hi nail, hi corinth.
by the way, this shouldnt be viewed in
vga mode, it looks even worse then.
greets - milkmang, mend, alecs, ville,
absent spinsister, mr4tune, ezy, orphic,
wave, wator, mice, riddler, tarot, ize,
samurai, tna, konami, dfuse, reanimator,
tainted, pandur, putrid carcass, zircus,
cain, discyple, meatpod, baphomet and more.
nerp - the death was painless