February Newsletter by Cthulu / Quip / Rzee
February Newsletter by Cthulu / Quip / Rzee
3 years of funk
- mistigris -
ansi by quip
and now heres cthulu...
- - shoebox mode on - -
You know whats funny? looking up at the 3 years slogan reminded
me... I go on the IRC from time to time primarily to promote blenders and
recently, more and more people have been asking me about ansi - to draw some forthem, what group I draw for and if I want to draw for their group, if I can
critique the ansi they drew, if I think an ansi is ripped, et cetera.
Typically Ill ask them if they have any idea who I am. More often thannot, theyll admit that theyre completely confounded. This is actually a stepup. When I first signed on as ACiD Secretary, I had people who remembered my
handle from the memberlist but not the position propositioning me for a full-
length ACiD ansi. Pfft. Ill tell them what I do write lit, for those
unaquainted with our charming anachronism and then ask if they know what group
Im in. From time to time Ill be idling in a channel and someone will
actually ask me if Im in the same group as them. Ill tell them no, and
tell them that even if I wanted to be, I wouldnt be able to join. I wonder
what its like not having to go to all the trouble of running a group just to
have a place to release.
Holy verbosity, Batman! Lets try to keep the asides down for the
reading comfort of our few followers! They never do know. Mistigris, they
ask. What is mistigris? Not even, Didnt they die two years ago? or Didnt
they merge into Fire? but What is that? This makes me both sad and happy.
It is a bit of a slap in the face to be unappreciated after being in this
business continuously for over three and a half years a feat managed only by
four other groups to date! but it is at the same time a sign of growth, change,rebirth. As if to explain, these people will then tell me that theyre from
Germany, from Israel, from Russia, and I smile. We may be unknowns where they
are, but the fact that the scene has even reached these areas is a testament to
the eternal progressive spirit of the computer artist. BBSes in North America
are dying and, as a result dont fool yourself into believing otherwise the
North American scene is dying. These places, innocent and ignorant to some
degree have fostered and developed without intervention beyond inspiration fromthe scene as we know it, and though our scene is dying, theirs is just
Thats why I dont mind that they havent heard of Mistigris. Weve
been around for 3.5 years. Another three and a half should suffice to get our
name known there as well. This all doesnt say particularly anything, but it
sounds sommewhat inspirational and besides, if nothing else,itll teach me not
to write infofiles at 3 in the morning of the day after the last day of the
month the pack is supposed to be for. BAD Cthulu,BAD cthulu! sit in the corner!
- - shoebox mode off - -
With that taken care of, now we can get down to some NEWS. In keeping
with the spirit above, Id like to announce our first distribution site in
Europe - in Sweden, to be particular: Revival, run by Gasol. It can be reachedat +46-63-35644. Call it or risk nOTZ hAVING dA pHUNK!
Lets take a look at member movements and activities. Not a lot has
happened since last month but seeing as we didnt release Kithe 15 I lied andI cant remember what I stuck in last months infofile, some of this may be old
Rash, formerly of Kryptus, a modding group, joins our ansi department.
Tricolore, formerly of Lazarus, also joins it. He will continue releasing his
music under the Hipe label.
Mosen, also formerly of Lazarus, also joins the ansi division.
Draco aka DracoMage, among other things - the suffix changes joins, an unknownto the art scene at large. I found him in poetry. He writes, draws hi-rez
and tracks. Hes currently stationned on an aircraft carrier in Hawaii.
Fire From Heaven, formerly of Fire, joins to release ansi in Mistigris, though
hell be releasing his hirez elsewhere.
Da Drug joins our ansi division from the wreckage of Fuel. His irc nick is kAMM
and he also tracks. This is word for word from Quips initial announcement 8
Hacker Joe joins. He tracks and codes, was dug up by Quip at his school and is
a brother to the former Casa del Sol guitarist Ben Lunderville. Former as in,
not replaced, but the band is now defunct. Alas...
Sauron applied to the lit division our annual applicant, it seems and, well,
didnt get in. However, he more than qualified to get into the ascii division,
which he didnt apply to initially but ultimately ended up joining.
Now for the guests. In the last pack we had guest appearances from Warpus of
Dark and The Knight, formerly of Fuel. In THIS pack we have appearances from
Maeve Wolf who would like everyone to know that Ooze issue 3 is coming out realsoon and Kyo of ACiD. Well say more about those last two in a bit.
Nothing can follow all of these lovely statements about joining mist
except for a single one about leaving it, so it is with little regret and no
tears that Sarcasm lets us go to pursue further contemplation of his colossal
cack in Glue.
Sarcasm: Im dropping Mistigris.
Sarcasm: Im quitting Mist because the members are analy retentive, Ive
been banned from mist twice, and mist cant handle my collosal boner.
First one to make a crack about Catch22 handling it gets a smack on the
AND NOW, for one night only, the ever-exciting and controversial category of
handle changes!
The undisputed champion in this arena is the onetime Sentience, who, for reasonsunknown, went within a two-month timespan to Yohimbe to Tyros to Turophile.
Okay, not so controversial.
Lord of Darkness is from now on to be known as eWERX. Rumour has it that it
is pronounced ayeeahmah pohrnstahr, but these are unsubstantiated. Besides,
these are matters better approached in Kithe articles. soon, my pretties. soon.
Slightly controversial.
Jive wanted you all to know that his handle was changed to Bifteq until he told
me that he wanted you all to know that it was changed back to Jive. HE BLOWS
GOATS. We have proof.
A bit more controversial.
Genocide we havent bothered figuring out what he was last listed as, because
everyone still knows him as this anyway has made his most recent handle change
to... Divine Creation. And I think that even this is out of date.
Furthermore, we have it on the highest authority that it is not only in
possession of a dress stained with Bill Clintons semen, but that he wears it
when he goes to nightclubs and felches rich midgets and cloning lobbyists in
exchange for free parking priveliges.
Thats not controversial at all. Thats an ordinary day at work in the
Actually, Genocide doesnt actually have such a dress or do such things while
wearing it, but slandering members in newsletters is what we do to them when
they make us change their handles something like six times in consecutive packs
without contributing any art to any of them. Its much more fun than just
kicking them out because this way we can feel justified in ridicuing them for
months and years to come.
Now for some news about... music!
In a rare bout of collaboration, Melodia contributes a song to this
pack, Spaghetti Western, that was based off of the first two patterns of a
collaboration between Crystal Meth and Cthulu. And by and far the large
majority of it was composed within the under-24-hour period between when Cthulu
sent Melodia the original mix and when she slinged slung? it back, complete.
Not bad for an 88-pattern song.
Haquisaq, trying his hand at the x120 trax compo, placed in his first
couple of attempts. Right on! Right on! Right on! oh, wait, Im not
using JIVE.COM here... Well, congratulations, and the world may get to hear
reworkings of some of these strictly prescribed songs in future e-mags and
similar such projects.
On January 30th cool, exactly one month ago Cthulu spent a night beingentertained at the school of Quip and Hacker Joe by a performance from the musiccomposition students. They performed electronically though they were not the
only ones - there were also some cheezy Cakewalk songs but the performance was
impressive nonetheless. Hacker Joe even spent the night previously coding a
little program to dispay visuals while his song played. A veritable epitome of
the Mistigris procrastinatory spirit and legacy. Neither of the songs Quips
entitled Escaping You and Hacker Joes entitled er... Hold Still...! are
included in this archive, but various versions of them are likely to appear in
future Mistigris releases. In either case, the realization of the event, a
simple but elegant combination of music performance and listening, set an
example that we would do well to emulate in future exposure to the general
Makeshift has pooped out! This will hardy affect any of us as only a
handful were capable of entering the bars in order to see them perform. Rumour
has it that Otn Ishf or: The Artist Formerly Known As Beatle is currently
working with a group known as the Sun House Collective.
Gravity, aka Amateur DJ night at The Whip Caf here in Vancouver, IS
NO MORE! because of complaints from snotty inhabitants of the living space abovethe locus of arts. Turophile, amateur DJ and confessed cheese-lover, was
notably distraught at the loss of a laid-back performing venue, and is seriouslyconsidering taking action as per such recommended by Zamfir Worshipper, pan-pipeenthusiast par excellence:
CT is this a one-time thing or forevermore?
TU alas, it seems to be quite a permanent state of affairs.. curses... now whTU am I supposed to do with my Sunday nights?
ZW Leave threatening messages sampled on Above-The-Whip residents answering
ZW machines?
ZW jungle beat
ZW this is... zzt, crack.. this is... zzt, crack... this is a concerned
ZW wa wa wa wa, zzt.. this is a concerned horn sample solo... music lover..ZW zzt mu-mu-mu-mu-sic lover... sample fidel castro screaming patriotically
ZW into the microphone... dont take away my... drum loop!... my... my..
ZW music, sample crazy punk singer screaming ASSHOLE! really loud, echo to
ZW fade...
ZW trance jives...
ZW or else...
ZW click.
In similar news, La Quena or rather, the La Quena Collective has officially
discontinued Jack Karaoke Night indefinitely! For those not in the know,
JK night, punning cleverly off of the name of beat Jack Kerouac, was a monthly
open-stage poetry reading featuring live improvisational jazz accopaniment by
the Jim Black band. This is a resolution, at least, to the uncertainty which
had accompanied the last two Jack Karaoke nights - the first non-happening also
doubling as the only time any signifigant number of people I know actually
showed up TO see me. GRR! Cthulu has been noted as having redirected his
performing energy towards less-musical open stages at The Sugar Refinery and
the Old Times Caf. But hes still damned mad!
With that last item acting classily as a segu into a section on LIT
NEWS, Cthulu would like to remark also that last week was Freedom to Read week!
He celebrated by taking in a copy of Shylock by Mark Leiren-Young, a local
writer, and mulling over mentally what he had retained from poring over the
entirety of the Unabombers manifesto. On another seasonal note, hed like to
note that International Womens Day is coming up fast, and he points out that
Mistigris has had among its members probably more females than all other groups
in the scene combined. He tells us also that he promises to stop talking in thethird person. But do we believe him? Not for one second we dont.
Okay, so there wasnt that much lit news 8. But news regarding mags
is semi-relevant to the matter of writing, so we include it here. Skrubly and
Quip both managed to be told that they were to appear in an issue of the zine
RAD or Radioactive Aardvark Dung. Then, as things turned out, it kept getting
delayed and botched and shuffled around so they both WITHDREW their submissions!What a political statement!
It is known that Quip has redirected
--+omlette issue 2+------------------- his article-writing efforts towards
----------+the unprotected sex issue+- the next issue of Omlette E-mag, a
personal project promoting free
tte thought and nonsense not neccessarily in that order on which he has been so busy that he has released in fact TWO
issues since we last released.
------- --------------------------- Apparently theyre just carving up the e-mag stats on the ACiD Artpack
Archive will someone explain to me
why theyll carry e-mags but not lit-
packs? so be sure to go out and grab
your copy today.
Its also always looking for
submissions, so dont hesitate in
sending contributions of nonsense or
exercises in free thought to Quip.
As noted above, Maeve Wolfs and
------ ------ ------- Squidgalator s Ooze E-mag is back
------------------------ -------- in business and looking for
----+actually kids, omlette emag+----- submissions and just increased public
---+whole-heartedly supports the+----- awareness. Check it out when it
----+use of prophylactics during+----- comes, and in the meantime look for
-------------+copulation+------------- the Best of Ooze highlights from the
first two issues on the Acheron art
scene at www.acheron.org .
omlette feb.
issue 3 1998 Inazone has never been a Mist member,
though Mistigris did tour with his
artgroup Fistfuls of Steel a year ago, back when it was an artgroup. Now,
however, it is an E-mag, and in
particular it is one releasing issue
6 thats a lot for the average
qp e-mag this coming March 15th. So
submit to him! And if you choose not
to, for whatever reason, at least grab it when it comes out.
That above bit was not just a public
service announcement - Im actually
trying to fill enough space to
synchronize the blurb about the zine
Requiem with its FILEID.DIZ below.
omlette.home.ml.org Kithe is not dead, just a bit stunned! Its pining for the fjords! Itll be
out soon. We promise! And same for
toujours en vie 11th!
-----+ R E Q U I E M Q U A T R E +-----
on continue bucher sur les Ah. Requiem is still alive a
---------- imbciles --------- little translation there for
anglophones and should be regular
did you find those hard on the eyes? from now on. It comes to us from
The Extremist and the 418 area
I know I did. code, our first out-of-vancouver
And now Ive run out of diz, so
my paragraphs will resume their
typical shape.
Because it works, Ill gracefully glide from E-mags and Zines right
into comic books and will enthuse you all by saying that Dream Factory is takingright off - theyve got enough art for issue one, theyre just trying to get twodone before going public to allow them sufficient time to really devote
themselves to issue three.
Following this enthusiasm, however, I will proceed to crash your hopes
in reporting that following a vote of active members, it has decided to rest as
an independant entity from Mistigris and sever all official ties. And we
imagine that they must have been ticked to discover that Silent Knights
computer, as a web server for both them and us, had been named mistigris.ml.org
8 What this situation has on a proposed future promotional pack of their
scanned art to be distributed by us to you guys is unsure. This status also
might be questioned again once Cthulu gets his ass in gear mmm... ass and
cranks out a manuscript to the saga of Willis n Tee-to, to be assisted by
Skrubly in rendering it and Toto Man in realizing it, thereby simultaneously
producing a comic and quadruping the number of active mist member affiliated
with Dream Factory.
In a recent development, Silent Knight, Mistigris VGA head and Dream
Factory founder, has discovered that he is neighbors with one Coyote, former
Mist writer and founder of Concrete. Coyote, in some of his back-and-forth
dealings in California, apparently picked up some comic book experience in a
short series for some DC-related press about angels oh, that one and is
currently working on his own independant comic known as Factory Comics. Sound
a bit too familiar? To complicate this matter, he is known to have mistlit
alumnus and ex-girlfriend Bast working with him in matters of graphical
nature for this project.
I was more comfortable when we all were Mistigris members and used its
status as an umbrella organization as an excuse to work together. The way it isnow its way too hard to keep tabs on all the interesting stuff people are doingand the clashes / political conflict it generates. And keeping tabs on conflictis important because I voyeuristically thrive on other peoples suffering!
er... moving right along, this pack features a series of high resolution
interpretations of a scanned logo handdrawn by Rage and coloured / shaded /
tweaked by various members of the Mistigris High Resoution departent. There areeight mixes in total, named so they appear concurrently, and they include
versions not only done by current Mistigris members but also by former members
Maeve Wolf and Kyo, currently of ACiD. Looking at things in different ways is
what mistigris is all about, so we salute this project.
That concludes the regular mistigris and mist-related news.
However, some of the best stuff is still to come...
According to op of our new Sweden site, Gasol, GRIS is Swedish for the
word pig. Apparently our name does mean something different to everyone,
especially when foreign languages are taken into account.
Now for an open letter to the scene from Warpus of Dark, Lazarus and Blender
From: censored
To: quip jmalcolm@geocities.com
cc: censored
Subject: Re: Returned mail: User unknown fwd
Ive heard rumors left and right in the last couple months that you
were going to quit the scene, release a last Lazarus pack, hold the last
Blender, pluck your eyebrows, etc.. oh wait.. scratch that last one
there are rumours about me in the scene? does this mean that im famous?
hmmm... if people ask you what im up to, you can quote this back to
them. its my... official statement:
hi. ill get right to what you want to know, and state that no, there
will be no last lazarus pack. when hennifer quit i immediately decided to
take over for him, but i soon realized that i had to do most of the work
because grind king was never around, and well, i ended up never actually
doing any of that work. grind king then ended up quitting, i was working
37 hours a week, i bought a pentium, and well, i kind of had no time to do
anything lazarus-wise, so i said fuck it. the pack is way overdue, so
it isnt going to be released. i ended up quitting lazarus and joining
dark i still havent released with them since im still a fairly busy
individual. id like to thank all lazarus members for being a part of,
well, lazarus. furthermore, id like to blame hennifer and grind king for
everything that happened :
about blender. after blender35 or so, less and less people started
showing up. participation was way down. i started losing interest in the
project, and eventually it kind of died. cthulu is currently trying
desperately to revive it, but from what i hear, its not exactly working
out. my suggestion is to start something new, from scratch. editors note:
screw you too! 8 the blender has been around for more than a year, people are
probably bored of it. start something new, ill get involved if i can, and i
guarantee success, IF the idea is a good one. right now i have to go because
im hung over, and im really hungry, but... id like to thank all the people
who have supported blender throughout its existence. you know who you
bye for now,
warpus dark
i dunno where you could put that, i dont care. hey, wanna be my
spokesperson? :
Cthulu would like to note that the Blenders are still coming fast and
furious and wants everyone to show up in blender on the EFNet every Sunday from4:30 to 7:30 pm PST until the sky falls.
Now for some news from Spectral Knight!
Date: 11:41 pm Tue Feb 3, 1998 Number : 233 of 234
From: Spectral Knight Base : local PAY ATTENTION TO ME!
To : All
Subj: leaving
Im leaving for a month.
Im fed up with all of this.
Fed up with technology.
My systems are being boxed up.
Only one machine will remain in my room, functional.
My board will remain going.
It will be in a corner.
No monitor.
No keyboard.
No speaker.
If I have any self control. After the month is up. I will sell it all.
If he had succeeded, this would have been in the member movement section rather
than this one. Still, its important from time to time to re-evaluate what you
do here and why youre doing it. I think he made a week and a half.
This is something that all WHQs should have - a connection to the
Internet allowing all users on the board access to Internet E-mail directly
through their local e-mail. Were now part of that, so if you want to contact
any Mistigris member without the potential hassles inherent in the e-mail list
as it stands, address correspondance to theirhandehere@tjm.canbbs.com and the
mail will arrive right to their account on The Jade Monkey. Go on, try it.
Request art from them. Anything thatll get these guys motivated to draw will
help me out a great deal 8
... and now for a public service announcement on behalf of the association of
enlightenment through old warez...
Yes! Old game lovers rejoice, its finally here! The Fuzzy Doorknob
Oldwarez CD! This archive contains over 320 of the best games ever made for
the PC. Every single game has been tested to make sure it runs correctly, is
fully cracked, and is virus-free. Also, every game has been re-archived so
you have no annoying disk-within-a-disk installation procedures. The CD comes
with a full install program, to make loading games easy. Alternatively, every
game is compressed using the standard PKZIP 2.04g archiver, so you can manually
install any games you wish, or use it as an archive for a BBS or FTP
The Fuzz Oldwarez CD sells for 15 Canadian, 10 US. Orders can be
sent via e-mail to sylphid@selin.com. We accept cheques and money orders drawn
on any major Canadian or US bank. If you want the CD shipped anywhere within
North America, a 5 shipping charge will be added. For any orders outside of
North America, inquire via e-mail to the above address.
The following is a list of all the games on the CD. If you want a
specific game that isnt on this list added to your CD, let us know and well
do what we can.
3D Hovercraft - 4-D Boxing - 7 Cities of Gold - A-10 Tank Killer - Absolutely
Ancient GamePack 1 - Absolutely Ancient GamePack 2 - Absolutely Ancient GamePack3 - Abuse - Aces Over Europe - Aces Over the Pacific - After Burner - Aladdin -
Alien Carnage - Alleycat - Alone in the Dark - Altered Beast - Ancient Art of
War - Ancient Art of War at Sea - Archon - Arctic Fox - Arkanoid - Arkanoid 2 -
Bananoid - Beneath a Steel Sky - Black Cauldron - Black Thorne - Blades of Steel- Boppin - Bubble Bobble new VGA - Bubble Bobble original - Bubble Dizzy -
Bubble Ghost - California Games - Cannon Fodder - Cannon Fodder 2 - Captive -
Castles - Castlevania - Caveman Uglympics - Centipede - Chopper Command 2 -
Chuck Yeagers Air Combat - Civilization - Coaster - Codename: Iceman -
Colonization - Commanche - Command and Conquer - Commander Keen 1 - Commander
Keen 2 - Commander Keen 3 - Commander Keen 4 - Commander Keen 5 - Commander Keen6 - Conquests of Camelot - CoolSpot - Creepers - Crystal Caves 1 - Crystal Caves2 - Crystal Caves 3 - Dangerous Dave 3 - Dawn Raider - Day of the Tentacle -
Deathtrack - Defender of the Crown - Descent - Destruction Derby - DigDug - DinoBlasters - Doom - Doom 2 - Double Dragon - Double Dragon 2 - Double Dragon 3 -
Dragons Lair - Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem 2 - Duke Nukem 3 - Dune 1 - Dune 2 -
Dyna Blaster - Elf - Elite - Elite 3 - Elite Plus - Epic Pinball - Extreme
Pinball - Fantasy Realms - Fifa Soccer 93 - Fire n Ice - Flashback - Flightmare- Funball - Fury of the Furries - Future Dimensions - Galactix - Gauntlet 2 -
Ghosts n Goblins - Goblins - Goblins 2 - God of Thunder - Gods - Golden Axe -
Goldrush - Gunship 2000 - Halloween Harry - Hard Hat Mack - Heroes of Might and
Magic - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Hocus Pocus - Hoyles Book of Games -Hoyles Book of Games 2 - Hoyles Book of Games 3 - Hugos House of Horrors -
Hugos House of Horrors 3 - Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis -
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Infiltrator - Ironmans Offroad Racing - ItCame from the Desert - James Cod 2 - Jazz Jackrabbit - Jet Fighter 2 - Jetpack -Jill of the Jungle 2 - Jill of the Jungle 3 - Jimpower - Kaeon - Karateka -
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Hope to hear from you soon!
We here at Mistigris would like to note that though Sylphid is a member of
Mistigris we are completely uninvolved in the production / distribution of the
CD and forgo any responsbility for it. Under oath, well also forgo any
knowledge of it 8
One final piece of news: Happyfish has ascended! She has obtained the Amulet
of Yendor and fought back up the 30 levels to reach her altar and sacrifice it!
She has conquered NetHack! We must all bow down to her now, for she has
attained demigoddess status.
... and a greet to Zeus II who greeted Mistigris in the Legion pack doubtlesslybecause of the incessant nature of our hassling him to join Mistigris which he
clearly subsequently failed to do - please consider the invitation open and
dont hesitate to join when Legion dies. You just know well still be around
and so we dont forget... thanks to rze of society for continuing to draw logos
for us. You know, if you like us that much, why dont you just join? 8
1998 ... . the mistigris funk! rz?!?
-- 600 lines? -- what was I thinking? --
check for black on black text...