lure ansi 2002 by catch22
lure ansi 2002 by catch22
l u r e a n s i t w o t h o u s a n d t w o
the donut legacy..
The donut legacy continues.. as for the donut, i ate it!
Originally i did decide to release every couple of months, but as
the memberlist grew, and more dedicaiton was put into the group
im sure this thing will take off as a monthly thing from now on.
3 new additions to lure this month, and 3 real impressive artists,
all three are amazing, and continue to amaze me till this day.
the night angel - from awe, to ice, to blocke, hes been everywhere
HE originally came up with the lure concept!, its great to have you
on board alex!
catch22 - this legendary man comes from the remains of glue, this guy
is amazing, his pics/fonts are always kick ass. not to mention that
this guy is more dedicated than anyone ive ever met!
swansong - Okay, you may not recognise the name, but heres a hint..
HE RAN HIEROGLYPHICS, give up??, okay this guy was formerly known as
dissonance dee1, and yes, his logos are that damn good.
prosthesis - the leader of the sodapop family comes on board to
show his kick ass ansi, hes been inactive for a while.. but god
his ansis seem to blow me away... check him out!
A bigass thanks to zeusII for his lure guest this month, we do
love you... Also i would like to thank sephiroth and fever for both
guesting thanks peeps!, you all are beautiful!
You can always join us in lure on efnet, and yes, we suck!!!!!
And to finish up, id like to take time out to tell all the guys
in lure that you all are doing a tremendous job, and keep it
up!!!, withouy you guys, this isnt possible..