acropolis by catch22
acropolis by catch22
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catch 22
hi untamed
is 22 sexy
hard cut
Acropolis BBS system operator smoke Ansi by catch22 of lure 2002
Yep, the paints dry.
This ansi is for my showdown against Trip. We started our showdown years ago,
however we were only reminded of it with the new breed of showdown competitions.
Typically a person casts their vote for their competitor out of respect. I not
only cast it due to my respect for Trip, but also because he draws ansi out of
his love for the medium, and kept his pen active while many others set it aside
waiting for an audience to return. Props to Trip for keeping the ball rolling.
A big shout out to Aaron,Asher,Tainted,Ansichrist,Avg,Portia,Dissonance,ZeusII