lure002 info by lure
lure002 info by lure
lure infofile002
magnatop davek
Presenting Destinys MAN child
From the streets of Sydney comes a group of man children.. called DESTINYS MAN
CHILD, singing the alltime hits such as: Survivor, bills and bootylicious.
with the looks of a man but the sound of a teenager these guys have heads the
size of dinner plates and pimples all over their backs...
Hey!, ive got a spare 150 lying around somewhere..
This is a FORMAL request to zerovision for an ansi, i have 150 spare, and i
want 25 liners... pictures of smack heads with a pair of nuts hanging off their
chin, but id also accept the position of the nuts on their forehead also..
whats the deal?, people paying for ansi!... didnt that shit only occur in
like 1908?... fuck man.. on the otherhand id give it to lord jazz for actually
getting money for ansi... your a smart motherfucker, keeping in oldschool eh?.
This month a new additions to lure, Propane after a years abscence, his nuts
still stink, and yes... he still wants me to touch him.. He also brings back hislegendary emag fuckmonkey dont fuck with this shit... it fucking rocks..
Also comming out from what was left of the used coalition we welcome spearfx,
not only is he a legendary fontist, with his all time high ansi, but hes a
damn good friend of mine, so dont fuck with his shit either!
And yet another comeback for the alltime famous maytag, this guy came from the
legendary groups of avenge, epic and bleu.. we all love him.. because he kicks..Simon king joins us with his ansi skill from the loop, he shows great
encouragement to draw.. and we need a guy like this...
and last but definately not least, delicious joins lure, with his kick ass
skills bith, fonts and pics this guy kicks ass... dont mess with his shit..
Also id like to thank all guests this month to lure such as: zerovision, untamedsephiroth and aesthetic... you all rock.. and for zeusII im still
waiting for your ansi fucker!!!!!
We want you to chat with our sexy bawts..
Uhmm, lure on efnet is now open i guess, bigass thanks to untamed for putting
his damn sexy bots in there, so yeah.. thanks man!.
If you wanna join us on our crusade to rip peoples eyes out with plastic forks..just either message me on irc, or us at
werd out.. avg