last ascii by forge
last ascii by forge
S ,.. a aa S Ss,. ,SS.S S .S S l SS S l l l+ S S l
l l l Sss. .ssS ,sS l l Sss. ,ssS ,Sss. ,ssS., . Sss. .ssS. Ss,.sS Ss,.sS Ss,.sS S s,.sS
-- --+- - - - + LU C i D - - - +- -- -----
- last ascii - read ----------------------------------------------------------alright , listen up. everyone that asked for a req. by me..well. sorry. this
is my last and final asci because of some fucknuts in ansi and what is going
thru my mind right now. the scene on ansi fucking sucks. there is no respect
for anyone. SOME not alot are really lame. they pretend they are gay and say
uNF, god, thats just pathetic. i mean look at yourselfs. im going on with
my life. most of you people who hate me. FUCK YOU. i admit that i owe LD some
money. yes. right now, ive shut my bbs down. and could care less about
anything in the scene.. yea, ill still be in ascent. but im not really going
to do worth crap in it anymore just cause im a founder and stuff. ansi just
pisses me off to hell. bk me for nothing. do this. do that. whatever man.
heres the people that are cool in ansi so you know. - long list.. i think.
-fever, phorcep, remorse, dE, majick, skatter, pblank, omi, djbender, ewheat
-dystro, social, kaledias, enigmatic, insanity, tsk, sinisterX, mtcia,
-msd, wired, siege, whodini, drd, illwill, outkast, discyple, cain, erupt,
-magnatOp, phobiuh, primo, jeepee.there is like 5-10 more i just dont remember
but if youre not on that list an i know you..sorry. other wise. get a life.
so. to sum it up. people can be fucking mean to people for no reason at all
thats the main reason why im quitting. most of the fucking ops in ansi
shouldnt be an op. damned if i know why they are . oh i know - cause people
know them? - thats just fucking stupid. you should have people that can
manage the channel, NOT Kick Ban people they dont like. i see that everyday.
and its stupid. there needs to be another purge. but any way. i could
care less if i get KB from ansi anymore. cause well. there is more to life.
oh and.. no. i didnt forget mrmadness an pixelpsha.
-forge .. gone from the scene.