leper society notes by phorce phed
leper society notes by phorce phed
leper society
pack xvi - september 1996
unfortunatly i was recently kicked out of my apartment unexpectedly and did
not have the time to make the proper phone arrangements so i am currently
using my roommates phone line. this means that the pack will be late
getting to many of the hqs, probably by a week at least.
we had a good month. for the first time ever we have a mod composer, so
check it out. as usual, giger comes through with the pimpin artwork and
for once i am satisfied with my own performance in this pack.
guesting this month are jeepee who made the diz and the reaper
who made an anscii for us. thanks, guys and you are welcome back any time.
i cleared some people off the member list, i dont remember who right now.
unfortunatly the file area on leperdcc is currently down. however i plan on
eventually putting up a web page with all of the packs and maby some other
stuff if i get into it. currently all of the ls packs from this year can
be found on philez the ansi filebot. look for a prominent directory
called lepersociety directly off of root. usually i wouldnt abuse
my +j to promote the group like this, but cheeze monkey fucked up the
organizational system that i had going on in the /ansi dir so im kinda
well enjoy the pack and if you are interested in either joining or being
a guest artist, drop me a line at phorceph@grfn.org.
phorce phed