leper society promotional by megadose
leper society promotional by megadose
m e g a d o s e ! ?
.. md!?@
md.. wow?!@ i pizzed muh pantz!?
.. introduction?! ..
well, as many of you nigguhz dont recall, i was once an leper!?@ humph!? well..doez dat mean? well, one of the first groups that i started drawing for was LS!@itz been a good couple of monthz since my days of the leper society, but phorce
phed keepz buggin muh ass to do his group some work!?! seeing az how i dont
forget the small ppl not dat your small phorecep, - you 300lb gorrillia!?@ so
anyhow here iz the work that i whooped together for your clan?!@ peace nigguhz?!
enough of da bullshoot : herez how to reach me.. i dont do no more freebeez,
i dont do many of anyting.. but if your good for a trade im intrested?! herezhow to reach muh sorry ass.. warlord@seminole.gate.net internet/irc?!
phorcephed gunthar darkshadow cheeze pyro cloroxcowboy
genocyber rza pitt tskthe silent killer 9l burnt?!
ansi!?@ nausia gravity and all other grupz!?@ yay!
id like to dedicated thiz ansi to eazy-e?!@ hey, if
bonez cool enough to do it, then so am i?!@ !yay!@
ive got skillz.. but ive also run outta room.. peace?!
l e p e r ?! .. s o c i e t y !?@
poofy fro --
.. l e pe r so c i et y !? @
we so sick, we leper?!
megadose/ sup, phorcepheen!?@!
phorceph/ itz phrocephed?!
megadose/ ok.. sorry, horsephenis
p u b l i x ! ? @
.. 33 percent cheaper
then win-dixie!?@
p u b .. megadoses
.. p u bl i x ! ?@
.. outroduction ..
if you liked this little work then you can catch me on irc.. i usually drop by
ansi every here and there.. or call my board publix!?@ which will soon have
itz 888 all set up and ready to go..
if your intrested in some of my real work, and not this fun little file i did
for phorcephedleper society you can check the stuff that i do best in either
the gravity, or nausia packs.. if you run into me on irc, nick/ megadose just
ask me to do a trade or whatever, i usually alwayz got time for logoz, peace :