belief bender by nirk fiend
belief bender by nirk fiend
Belief Bender
Fail to See any Longevity
Never Concerned with originality
Paint yourself the thought of the day
18O if it fits the stage
Blinded by Changing Trends
Go all out till that phaze ends
Something new..
Rotate Outlook
Thinking never made you turn
2O/2O, you still cant learn
Coated with that brand new grin
Frown and die when that wears thin
I just dont know where Id begin
A ripoff laced in that nia-sin
Something new..
Rotate Outlook
Nothing True..
Rotate Outlook
Through your life..
Rotate Outlook..
In the end..
No Impact
April 15th 1995nirk fiend
Thanks to Jim Matheos for lyrical inspiration on this one