leper society notes - 5/95 by phorce phed
leper society notes - 5/95 by phorce phed
epe ociet
pack viii - may 1995
yet another stunning leper society pack has found its way from my hard drive
to yours. this month we have three new members and a south african hq!
nirk fiend is the first person to join the ls literary division, and even if
you hate lit take a look at his stuff, its quite different from most of
the crap ive seen passing for literature in the scene. smash and mutilator
are coders, both are working on application generators.
for all members who havent read it on killing technology: there is a new
policy. put simply, if you use any other ansi art for inspiration in
creating something for leper society, then include the pieces it was
inspired by along with a readme file explaining. the inspirational work
will not be included with the pack of course but failure to submit it
could be considered ripping and dealt with as such.
and on the subject of ripping, i would like to invite all members of the
general public to scrutinize leper society packs for ripped artwork. if you
find such art, please send me the original as well as info on what pack
the original was from. while i attempt to check all pieces submitted for
obvious rips, i realize that there are people out there who can remember
every ansi from every pack of every group ever...
any zines that need interviews: im free, just name the time and place.
yes, we are still looking for more members! climb out of that pit of
self-depreciation and apply today! leper society: where you dont have to
be the best to release like one of em.
phorce phed