epe ociet
pack ii - may 1994
i would like to welcome harvest moon as our central headquarters, as well as
godhead and sorceror to the position of vga artist. as you may have noticed,
there was no showing from either of these artists this month. although this
pack was a little slim, next months should be a bit larger as it will contain
the new members work, an ansi viewer, and other neat stuff.
leper society is always looking for new members, so fill out the form included
in this pack, zip it in with some of your work, and apply on the x-factor.
remember: we need people to do mods 669s, mtms, etc. and coding too, not
just visual art.
i would like to dedicate this pack to the great work that lord vader has done in setting up his bbs for the job of being a world headquarters, as well as the
sheer volume of great ansi that he has created.
phorce phed