- -- ------- - ----- -- - ---- -- - ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, endor - -- ------------------------------------------------------------------- --- --
cryo - outline
stimpy - shading/reshaping/background
title: endor bbs advertisement for : cryo requested : nope!
hey all, stimpy here. i was looking through one of the force packs on this
fine, but boring day... force 20 to be exact and i stumbled across this
file not-so-strangely titled us-endor.ans, here is the top of its contents:
Hi everyone... this is just a little logo i started.. but couldnt be
bothered finishing.. so i gave it to a few people on IRC.. and they shaded it
and sent it back... its for Dopies board Endor ..
My Original Outline
well.. of course, not being anywhere near force at the time of this logos
release, or to the fact that i didnt even know cryo, or even more to the fact
that i couldnt even SHADE at the time this file was released, i decided that
it was my turn to do my bit for this joint :
the main reason behind this was a little joke aimed at cryo, who has given
me heaps of help throughout the end of last year, and the start of this year,
and since he hasnt done any joints with me recently the snob i decided to
take it upon myself to create one
well.. here tis, i dont even know if this board still exists, nor do i
believe that this ansi will ever be used if it does exist, but it was a fun
greetz go to :
cryo - i wonder if u remember this gimme another outline sometime soon
dopie - i dont know if the board still exists, but i did this anyway
stimpy locus notup
- and : cryogenic used/locus
p.s. i know this is not the greatest font, it was a 5 min job
i also know that i wrote more than i did for the font, but you get that