you can all eat my fat ass, for iam a sex god - dess
Locus ..
locus eight, some more serious talk...
been away, gone whoring down south, whatever, we have come back
just to annoy all of you little shits around the damn area,
why? you ask... BECAUSE WE CAN!!.. and we will, we cant go back
and we WONT go back, you hear me.. stupid son of a bitch..
Alot has happened since our departure which was a while ago, uh
i have been having sex, partying, getting pissed, partying, more
sex, girls, girls, more girls, sex, and girls, more partying,
even more sex, girls, and did i mention sex??..
On one occasion, i fucked this bitch in my bedroom, it rocked, i
fucked her in every position i could, i tried the atomic superman
but instead i farted.., it smelt, pretty bad infact.. and before
i knew it, she was sniffing the fart, like she loved it, so we
stayed up all night farting, fucking, more fucking, and some more
farting, it ruled.. she even told me that her idol was mr methane,
and as soon as she said that, i shoved a plug up her ass, and
told her to give the farting a break, or course she got the shits,
and she was chucking a tantrum, viciously waving her hands up and
down, basically her hand were going all over the place, so i gave
her a hit, and she gave me some head.. everything was going real
fine, untill i woke up, i had the shits all day, i threatened the
dumb indian lady at the counter at mc donalds, i got taken away
by security, and im still going to court about that incident..
i dont have any idea on what this has to do with locus eight, i
just felt like speaking up.. i really want to become a rockafella
skank, i have no idea what that means, but it seems really cool..
Oh yeah, i allmost forgot, but i would just toke to say that the
sydney scene is back!, melbourne, were comming right up your ass
with razor blades..
................................. So suck me sideways dirty
dirty, dirty, real dirty, smelly, anal fucking, horsewanking,
cock spanking, monkey eating, elephant jerking, donkey licking
whore bags!....avenging angel... out
Yah, ok i smoke crack. but jesus fucking christ, who doesnt . I mean, sure i sell my tvs and rob elderly people for money
does that make me a bad human being? i think it just means im
dedicated to crack and willing to do anything to get it, wether
that be robbing old piss smelling whores. or kidnapping retarded
kids and getting ransom money. Well, ive told you about my
devotion to crack, as a way to give you a example of how dedicated
i can be. As devoted as i am to crack, i am with ansi. You suck at
ansi cause you dont smoke crack, i do, i have a advantage..
I went to a retirement home today, i raped a old lady and her pet.
Strange the sounds birds make when u fuck em, smelly little bastards..
On the way out, i spray painted locus on the wall, so all the old
people would know, locus is all about raping birds. So if you sick
minded monkey fucking dick slurps dont like it, i dont give a fuck..
tune in next release for my segment on sucking my floppy balls