Art is what you make it
locus art
Locus art productions c issue 5 may 1999 - info by avenging angel yOe?.... now STOP and THINK for a minute, what the fuck does yOe mean?, if you added another yOe to the end of it, you would get yOe yOe, hmm not a funny joke. Okay Locus 5 is out, and back in full motion this month, despite a 1 member losswe also got a two member gain, so there ya go, its evened out. This months pack size is much smaller, but has better quality art, this statement is pointed directly to davey flop-it . there was alot of rumours popping around that locus is going to die, and that the group uprise was going to be ressurected, let me tell you the truth. i was going to bring it back up, but some people didnt like the idea of that, advocateCOUGH! , but one thing i never understood about some of the people wasthat it was the actual leader of uprise who fucked it up, and if it was going tobe under new rule, that things would have changed, but i also thought about it and it was true, who the hell wants a group that everyone hates, so i stick withlocus, its going to be here for a long long time.. The scene meet up a few weeks back, didnt go so good, only FOUR people turned
up, these people were: avenging angel, advocate, cryogenic and davey flop-it,
but we all had a good time, me, dfi, and advocado all bought fudge and it
tasted like shit .
if anyone knows how to get the blue spiritual stone on zelda64, please message avenging angel, your happy and humble leader. Well in member news we lost one major asset to this group, and gained two, we say goodbye to cryogenic one of our best artists that was in locus, hes gone to become a solo artist, NIGEL!! We welcome this month to locus mOe, yep i know the alias is kinda funny, you would expect more like a psychotiq teknik alias type wouldnt you... he is a newbie to the scene, and produces good ascii art, he also does a bit in ansi. Bezzerk also decides to release with us this month, fuck its been a while . also this month platoonim! joins us at locus, its good to see you again bro hope you stay with the ultimate 61+2 revival squad for a while buddy.. i have also put kartoon up in the ranks as the group advisory, dont ask me why
i just wanted to. Also i have put platoonim as the i-net senior, we need MORE
ohhh, 69 my favourite number, also my last two digits in my key card!...
Atention people we have another potential asshole in the building. :
So we have a potential arsehole in this building yep thats right here is the
dumb fuck kartoon yapping away on the subject of me being the new and the first
group advisor for this group. Dont ask of what is expected from me i guess i
have to agree or disagree to certain things of how locus is running so far
everything seems cool.
hidden text....
- 1 more quick note, in force 22, odb guested with a trib to 2pac, fuck odb yer a dumb ass, 2pac died in 1996, not 1997 you stupid fuck
locus art
Art is what you make it