-- G R E E T S
L i G H T 9 4
We decided that a greets file was in order, since
wed like to
say hey! to all the cool people that helped us or wha
LiGHT Greets:
TNo, F.U.C.K., VIRaXe, iCE, GOTHiC, Blade, ATOMi
C, The Control Team,
ACiD, Epic, and TRiBE.
Fractal Illusion Greets:
TimberWulf: Stay cool.
Dam: Thanks for the backup in 73!
Disorder: Good bye.
Panther Modern: Fight the power!
Frost Byte: Hmmm, we are thinking.. Maybe not today
, maybe not tomorrow..
Q Tak Greets:
No one: You want a reason?
Stussy Greets:
Alter Ego: Keep your chin up.
My Computer: I havent seen you forever!
Jericho: Hey fucker!
Gothic: Hey to Gothic. Snicker
Fractal Illusion LiGHT