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File Listing and Descriptions
File Name Size Artist Type Description
AM-FAULT.LIT 1,943 Ansiman Lit My Fault
AM-SABA .LIT 3,282 Ansiman Lit Sabotage
AM-SUICD.LIT 4,425 Ansiman Lit Suicide
AM-VICT .LIT 3,205 Ansiman Lit Victims
DA-RENE .GIF 14,220 Darkangel Vga Renegades
FILELIST.NFO 3,628 Fractal Illusion Info File Listing I Think
FILEID .DIZ 407 Fractal Illusion Info File Description
GM-4CAUZ.LIT 691 Grey Mouser Lit For the Cause
GM-ABME.LIT 380 Grey Mouser Lit A+BMe
GM-ERIN .LIT 5,288 Grey Mouser Lit Erin
GM-FLOVE.LIT 1,762 Grey Mouser Lit Flower Love
GM-FRNDS.LIT 1,147 Grey Mouser Lit Friends
GM-INLGT.LIT 3,695 Grey Mouser Lit In the Light
GM-LIGHT.LIT 400 Grey Mouser Lit LiGHT
GM-NIGHT.LIT 491 Grey Mouser Lit Night
GM-PAIN .LIT 3,528 Grey Mouser Lit Pain
GM-PIRM .LIT 558 Grey Mouser Lit Primal Reasoning
GM-REMEM.LIT 3,976 Grey Mouser Lit Remember
GM-TEASE.LIT 3,198 Grey Mouser Lit The Tease
GREETS! .NFO 1,514 Fractal Illusion Info Greets File
LGHT9404.NFO 4,300 Q Tak Info April Member Listing
LGHT9405.MAG 12,537 Fractal Illusion Mag LiGHT Magazine May 94
LVIEW .EXE 41,082 Pluto Exe LiGHT ViEW
PD-ENRTE.MOD 115,737 Pizza Dude Mod En Route
PR-EOD2 .ANS 2,823 Pericles Ansi Epitome of Darkness
PR-KRMLN.ANS 2,460 Pericles Ansi Kremlin
QT-COLD .ANS 9,713 Q Tak Ansi Cold Snap
QT-LGHT1.ANS 2,631 Q Tak Ansi LiGHT Logo
QT-LGHT2.ANS 4,444 Q Tak Ansi LiGHT Logo
QT-TDH .ANS 11,922 Q Tak Ansi The Dog House
QT-TUB .ANS 14,541 Q Tak Ansi Timeless Universe
ST-BAR1 .GIF 6,311 Stussy Vga LiGHT Barcode
ST-DP1 .GIF 6,918 Stussy Vga Dominus Puppetorum
SY-CYBR .GIF 22,158 Synergy Vga CyberRock
SY-CYBRC.GIF 17,377 Synergy Vga CyberRock
SY-WARN .GIF 23,710 Synergy Vga Warning! Warning!
US-HTH1 .ANS 5,582 Ansiman/Forgo Ansi High Times Hackers
US-TGAW1.ANS 7,539 Ansiman/Forgo Ansi The Getaway
WW-CHEM1.EXE 10,170 Wraveth Windrose Exe Chemical Overdose
Totals: 45 Files -- 381,684 Bytes We know! Bad Month, Yeesh.