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I once conceived of a board for the purpose of keeping the BBS scene alive
into the era of Telnet, after Id run a bunch of local boards in the end of
the 90s - the tail-end of the dialup BBS era.
The board never did get finished, as my interest waned in favour of other
interests. I ran it for a short while in the early 2000s, but as I got a
fiber optic connection, it gradually slipped out of my concious thoughts
and out of my plans for the nearest future: As time went by, the local BBS
days only slipped further and further away.
The fate of the board was essentially sealed as I moved from home:
Installing a separate phone line just for the purpose of keeping a BBS up
when I could count the number of calls per week on one hand didnt seem to
make sense. Plans to migrate to Telnet never fully materialized for many of
the same reasons: Too little interest, and too many other distractions. I
forgot about the BBS, only to recall it occasionally. Due to both being
caught up with other responsibilities and tasks and thinking that there
werent enough people who saw the point or interest, it never entered the
internet age - except for a brief run.
Technological progress was rapid then. Consequently, the theme had to do
with the impact of digital technology on life - as hinted at by the name.
Technological progress hasnt ever let up. Its just that the transitional
period from dialup BBS:es to high speed internet was relatively short. And
it wasnt a small, insignificant technological shift, but one that would
forever change the world of communications.
Things have come a long way since. As small technology companies have grown
into giants and overtaken the lives of many, the idea of putting a BBS up
seems like it could make sense for nostalgia purposes at the very least, and
if for no other reason. I cannot tell whether this will happen or not. In
any case, the topic itself of the impact of digital technology on life has
not lost relevance at all over the years past.
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