The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by warpus
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by warpus
Live from New Orleans Its..
pic by warpus, gaz logo by mfs warpus
8x14 font selection by mfs
We started drawing this in a cafe in new orleans,
which is one of the worlds great cities.
The pic is based on a drawing of dorothy I saw walking around town.
The logo outline and shape is all mfs but he refuses to put his name on this
even though without his laptop, and passionate insistence on 8x14,
and initial logo outline, and patience, and hospitality, and about an hour of
his personal time put into this ansi
it would never exist.
So I hope you enjoyed this warpus feat. mfs ansi!
And to mfs, thank you again for your hospitality and 4 answering my questions
It would be a crime to not mention avg here, as he was responsible
for many of the drinks that lead to the hangover that lead to me wanting
to hang out in a cafe in the first place