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The Legacy - Issue 2
Havoc speaks:
Yay! Its here... The new Legacy pack is released... dont clap... Anyway,
I guess you can all see that its not a monthly thing. Although, it probably
will be now because of how much is being released. We obvisouly waited to re-
lease this because of some Legacy dry spells. Im sure weve all heard the
Legacys dead remarks by the stupid assholes who couldnt handle us taking
a break. But, were back, and better than iCE... I mean ever. :
Well, lemme finish this k-rad .NFO file in the classic Whats new format.
Whats new with Legacy?
1. Shangri-La, the Legacy WHQ, is down.. wait, its up... No, its going back
down.. Wait, its up again.. no, its down.. AHHH!! I dunno.. just call it.
2. Even though its kind of old, we still have to make an offical announcement
about it: Morbid Angel, formerly an iCE VP, is now a Legacy Overlord. He
also runs the USA HQ South of Heaven, formerly The Dark Crusades
3. Many new artists most of which are from the ultra-k001 Area Code, 416 are
now either Legacy Trial members, or full members. The list is kind of long,
but they are all a great addition.
4. The new Legacy pack is out...
5. Moral Decay, the long-awaited Havoc-ran board, is stiiiilll down. Expect it
to be online sometime before the end of civilization.
6. Ummm.. Errr... 6, huh... umm, Legacy is cool.
7. Ugh.. 7s not bad.
Oh, well, I guess Ill say my greets and go the hell to bed. yawn
Havoc note the C... grr...
Legacy Overlord-guy
Black Ire Of course...
Lord Carnuss If you werent in Legacy, Id probably chase you
down and beat you.
TES Elminster I love you guys... sob
Sir Psycho Sexy Sir Psycho, yeah!
Eternity Your dad is an idiot.
The Dark Servant You stupid nig-- umm... UGH!
Tempus Thales What about that back-stabbing, potato chip
eating, Legacy-dissing, parent-leeching,
Sh-- ... nevermind.
TMG the feelings mutual.
Havoc Hey, are you schizophrenic or something?!
Hellrazor 215 sucks, doesnt it?
Cool T Grr... Im barely holding back my rage.
All of the new Legacy members Glad youre here.
All of the old Legacy members Glad youre here.
On a closing note:
Hey, do you have a brother named Humphrey?
No. Why?
Well, because I saw your mom last night, and she was yelling Hump Free!
Hump Free! laughter
Bad joke - c 1993 - Spark Plug/Legacy