march [o1] information file by lOrdJazz!
march [o1] information file by lOrdJazz!
.. LD!O1.ZIP .. march 1995! .. lOrdJazz solo pack inform
ation file! ..
well most of you probably found out i DID drop bleach, and i thi
nk after
about 5 groups, ive come to one desicion, groups just arnt my th
ing g.
ive decided to follow in the footsteps of maestro,
one of my favorite
artists around, and go solo with my own work. this elminates everyth
that i hate about the scene, and basically this lets me do whutever i
want with my art! the biggest part of these packs will be a rip comi
that i am currently working on, titled dive...i was oringal
ly going to
be working on this project in bleach, but decided to take it into my
time, and maybe get other people involved with guest writing, or even
title of thier own. i would be more than willing to help anyone
that is maybe thinking about trying this out?!.. i threw in a section
towards the end, clearly labeled dive, incase you want
to know more
about the comic, and how it will work... i will be drawing mostl
y fonts
probably, since ive kinda drifted away from the picture dra
wing, but
i will try and make this worth looking at for the people that take th
time to check out my work. to clear things up, this will b
e run like
maestros nation basically, NOBODY can join, there is nothing
to join in
the first place, this is just a collection of work that i come up wit
every month, and believe it or not, thats where i get the title,
jazzs solo pack... well actually there is a way you can submit
these packs, and i explain it all in the section labeled notices
the end of this infofile! ...well, ill be releasing these every
month of course, and if anyone has any ideas, or suggestions about th
pack, please drop me some mail on my board, huma, the number is at th
end of this file! well, thats about it i guess, enjoy!
like i said before, dive is a rip comic book that im w
orking on, and
i will be releasing it, hopfully, once each month?! ill see how thin
go as far as me writing, and drawing the comic each month, but im rea
excited to be working on this with a character of my own! this month
am releasing the first part to the story, and i had the help of l
strahd, a friend of mine, who wrote the prologue to part one, whi
is more than enough to make you want to read it! well basically
is a character that i concieved at school one day, and i decided to t
an old idea from acid, and put it to work. for this month i will be
releasing the pages as just seperate rips, but in the future, i M
be getting a viewer-type thing coded to read the comic.
the numbers
on the file descripion of each rip that are in brackets, are to tell
you what order to read each file, example:
filename... description... artist...
PAGE1.RIP ---number here blah blah dive
that should help out, plus it makes the story alot better
far as the actual drawings, im doing them in black and white, and kin
sloppy on purpose, i wanted to give it kind of a dark effect, and the
shitty drawings ARE NOT becuase i suck at rip even though i
do g
but it fits the character and story i think...the story also jumps
around alot and it might be hard to follow, just letting everyone
know ahead of time, this first part is basically an introduction to
the character, so there isnt much there, but i plan on having mo
pages each month, ill see how it works out or something!
ok this section is just to clear up a few things with me, to you
. first
i have decided to stop taking ansi/rip/everything requests. im
i have plenty of reasons behind this, and if you want to know why, ca
my board, and ill go into huge detail about it g...there
are no
questions asked, ill let you know now, that if i ever get a
ny ansi re-
quests of some kind, i will simply delete the mail. secondly, no i
will not join your group as senior staff, or even as member
these are nice offers, but this solo pack is my way of basically sayi
im done with the public scene... and lastly, i WILL accept do
to this pack, ONLY if it has to do with dive, if its a rip, o
r ansi, or
lit or anything about that character, i will put it in, thats the onl
way though. it HAS to be of, or about that character! lastl
y the
number to my board, is: HUMA - 619.485.6741 i
ncase you have any comments
or suggestions no requests!, just leave them with me here.
february o2/95! mofo favorites and stuff!
now that i am in control of the packs, i decided to try somethin
g that
i have watned to do for a long time! this section is basically where
i will give a few of my choices for artists, and packs
from the previous months...i just want to make it clear these are ONL
MY OPINIONS, so its based on what i THINK only. i might not have a
chance to view every single pack out each month, so this is from only
what i have seen...
best artist: toon goonice
most improved artist: black lightningunion
most original artist: cashunion
best pack: acid
most improved pack: cancer
best emag: undergrown
march anuerysm greets: MAESTRO, azrael, undertaker, floo
d myth, dweizel,
stormfront, snoop, spiderman, and hmm....lets see, canteen boy sounds
good luck to cancer, rise, and rival!
.. this has been a march 1995 lOrdJazz solo production! ..