kibosh #5 ?!@!@ by goatboy
kibosh #5 ?!@!@ by goatboy
osh 5!@
WELL! It looks like its more than past time for anoth
er kibosh! This pack
is somewhat delayed pause for groans from ansi community but we ha
ve a real
reason! : Butterbrains hard drive kicked out. We had
the art! But not the organization I, goatboy, ha
d to figure out how to get things rolling after
butter officially passed the temporary torch : Took me
a while to get a day
when I was off of work so that I could be on IRC at the same time as
the dutch
members of the group 7 hours difference. Lots of talking, plenty o
f doodling
later, and the world was a better place for all of humank
ind. Sort of.
As for news, well. MY STARS! Simply a tremendo
us time. We have gained
Freebase as an ascii member, and we released our first hirez pack a
while back! In other news, our ansi crew has become the most u
nstoppable juggernaut in
history?! You laugh, but your laughter is borne of fear.
Im sorry. Even if the whole juggernaut thing is a bit
farfetched, we do
have a very nice pack today. Everyone worked hard to get things loo
king nice.. And had a good time while doing it. I have to say
that kibosh is a great
group to be a member of, simply because us ansi guys are all great f
friends, and know each other almost like brothers. A lot
of guys have said
that before, and a lot will say it in the future, but for today, I r
eserve the
right to be ridiculously sappy.
Anyways, since Im doing this pack all by myself, and w
ith no one else
to help me, there are bound to be a few rather glaring errors. For
I forget exactly how this infofile is supposed to be name
d, so I think Im
going to name it kibosh.nfo. Isnt that great? Ive a
lso probably got a
really old version of kbsnfo.exe. You cant blame me for that It h
to be almost entirely oprahs fault.
Thanks and credit must go to drkatz and velodro
me, whose massive amounts
of colorful fontage and ansi I envy. The kibosh
ansi crew lives on! Also,
check out to see some of the other super-po
wered kibosh
departments the music division, the hirez division, and perhaps eve
n a lit
division if I ever get offa my butt :P
Thats it for now! I hope to see you soon, myst
ery doodleboy.
- goatboy
master of his domain