medEVIL BiZzing by cLs
medEVIL BiZzing by cLs
was it inclusive or dyingsoul
who made that 100 percent
original logo...hmm..i just
remade it in 80x50 :...
originals boring story..huh? :
b y
the myth of
cLs for the logo.
and that guy who wrote
the medieval story of
Charles and the Nobleman Karel ende Elegast in
Dutch :, I dont know
the english title :.
Hij hadde haars broeder dood gezworen, ende die te dien waren verkoren, zouden daar kortlike komen. Hij ging ze haar bij namen nomen, hoe zij hieten ende wie
zij waren, die de koning wilden daren. Dit hoorde algader Elegast ende hield in zijn herte vast. Hij peinsde: hij zoude bringen voort die ondaad entie moord.
rules! c sh cLs bo ki
kibosh - the state of the art
k i
db so ds? s ds rules rh he draw u s kick lr -ass su fonts! l e cLs
Next time its gonna be a comic rip:. This took me a lot of time. Normally 90 percent of my time I spend on an ansi is the shading part. Now the 90 was for the outline and making the proportions right and so on. Hope youve anjoyed it
-- words...from cLs to...
Thanks to Argon for some really good advice.
Thanks to DyingSoul for NOT helping me out with the shading :
Thanks to Dyingsoul for making a cool bizarre font
sorry, the avenger, that i couldnt use your kibosh font, it didnt fit in..:-- greets go out to :: in random order really :
Kibosh, The Avenger, Snowball, Lemon44, Velodrome, President, Argon, Sfinx,
Scottiiy, Genuine, Poly ester and the Bizarre 1999 organizers.
-- cLs out. kibosh is still the best group in the world.