pack 6 news by mass orgy
pack 6 news by mass orgy
tainted sephiroth
the jasper project pack 6 news update.
good evening parentsssssss.... were gonn take you on a tour of club
BAAAAAD....where all the bad little kiddies go to try to leave their bodies..
oh and welcome to jaspers 6th art pack. : well i dont really think i can
ramble on too much with this pack.. things have been quite slow yet kinda
constant down here at the jasper house.
weve picked up a few new members from the trance capital of the world
the netherlands. namely velodrome and snowball, who bring us some fruity euro-
styled ansi to chew on. i hope you guys have a swell time in the group and we
look forward to seeing any future releases.
a few other members did join up but are yet to release anything. i have left
their names off the members list this time to encourage them to get some art
done before the next pack. nonetheless, they know who they are and when they
contact me ill throw them on the list and release their art for you all to
ive recently taken full control over the mailing list, which as you know
resides at if anyone wishes to apply to the
group they can email that address above with at least two samples of their
work and naked pictures of their girlfriend taking a shower.
id like to thank my old friend enzo for designing our members list for
this pack, incorporating the whole world cup theme and kicking ass
brazillian coke-snorting homosexual style :, thanks enzo.. love your work!
i dont really have much to say for this release, the art speaks for itself
and you can be assured that the next pack will actually be out on time. so
from all of us at the jasper brothel, enjoy the pack, and youll be hearing
from our asses on july 1st once again for the seventh installment.
say hi to your mum for me,