group info/members by it's a group thang
group info/members by it's a group thang
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welcome to the 3rd jasper project installment. as you can see weve come
very far since our last couple of packs.
probably the most noticable difference is the fact that jasper 3 is pretty
much ansi dominated.
i feel that the ansi scene has been neglected for far too long now and i
have decided to make jasper low res, rather than meerly ascii art.
as a matter of fact, i see pack 4 becoming all ansi.. im sorry but it is
time to see some fresh ansi blocks for you guys to chew on.
the other significant difference is the standard for quality in our art has
also improved so expect to see more fine artwork from us in the future.
member changes
with the change in group layout, of course the influx well.. sort of of
group members was bound to happen.
this pack, the jasper project attained a grand total of drum roll...
3 members!
firstly, portia brings his fresh ansi art skills to jasper. i dont really
feel the need to introduce him as you probably all know of him already, if
not, well you will now.
also joining the ranks is the good old aussie the avenging angel, of the
apparent heiroglyphics/whatever fame, keep it phresh aussie man :.
zerostar also brings his pencils and inks our way with his phresher than
phresh graph-styled low res, good to have you on board old friend!
current members
the as it is five proud members that make jasper what it is:
aesthetic who draws ansi, ascii
noches who draws ascii
portia who draws ansi
avg who draws ansi
zerostar who draws ansi
if you would like to apply contact any of the members with a sample of your
the following boards are official jasper distribution sites, if you would
like to have your board become one just email a group member and it is done.
Oasis BBS, operated by Esc port 1000
our packs can also be found at the following locations:
borgasm e-zine
the return of that spooey e-zine entitled borgasm is among us. as the
official jasper project emag, we will do our best to release them on a bi-
monthly basis. we urge you to draw, write, interview, whatever for the
mag. please!, your contribution is vital.
thanks to trippah for agreeing to code the magazine.
thanks for viewing jasper projects 3rd installment. the 4th should be
released around about a month from this one. if not, wait longer.. :
wed like to get your feedback on anything we do, so if youre up for it
or maybe just a quick chat, you can find us all in jasper on the EFnet
IRC server.
aesthetic the jasper team
designs by insurgepolyester