"group" nfo by group
"group" nfo by group
they say as long as you can reach someone..somewhere, then your goal is
discyple draw more newschool
..ill do my best. as for new members, noches comes aboard, i really like
this guys stuff, done a few joints with him in the past and hes very
smooth in both new and oldschool.
the first pack got a few hits and some nice comments. cat-dog now calls
me rippafart. :.
i suppose christmas and new years have been and past so well say a big
merry christmas and a happy new year to the ascii scene.
does anyone still draw ripscript graphics? wouldnt mind getting that stuff
into our packs.
aesthetic davekinz@hotmail.com
noches noches@poczta.onet.pl
as i said before, if youd like to join, feel free.. just email me at that
address and ill add you to the list.
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: ** thanks for viewing this pack..
. till next time, bye. 43