This is is a list of the MODs and S3Ms in the
pack. Descriptions included
OD The 1st musical creation of mine done for a demo never
completed. And probably wont be. BM-IOA
.MOD The 2nd Ive ever made. Included but damaged in the 08/95 p
ack BM-PBJAZ.MOD A part of a peice I play on the piano b
y Mark Nevin BM-BEAT .MOD A pretty good techno mod.
BM-HARD .MOD A hard core song. BM-RAG
IN.S3M A song I made for Hack Masters phat board .
BM-TOAST.S3M A cool rave module I recently finished
I have several other S3Ms and MODs
not in this pack which are equal to andbetter then the one
s in this pack but Im saving them for a later pack .