Welcome to the first pack, to view ansis or listen to mods, use incview.exe.
It is our viewer coded by Kano, and it was done in a bit of a hurry so if you
find any bugs e-mail an incarnate member on a board they call.
Things are going well for iNCARNATE, weve picked up many new members over the
past few weeks. If you are interested in joining, e-mail The Weasel on any of
the iNCARNATE Member Boards or HQs.
I know that there has been a lot of bad blood between iNCARNATE and X-Products
lately. Id like to say that I have no interest in argueing anymore, so I will
not start anything, as long as no one starts anything with me.
Enjoy the pack if you got any questions, or comments mail The Weasel on any
board he calls.
The Weasel iNCARNATE President