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impure, the beloved and awesome crew drawing with the awesome
form of art called ascii arte is once again providing a whole
new experience of textform art. and yeah, for once, this info
file is ohsopureohsosimpleyetstillartberalles- astonishing
definition. meadows are back. wonderfuler.beautifuler.sunnier
than ever. lesser time frenglish than past months,this pack
is our eightysecond one. small, cute, gentle, simple, refined
intelligently drawn and smartly put together the traditionnal
way. most of this text will appear as nonsense, since fitting
a cubic text into sixty columns is, obviously, definitely and
completely stupid. we didnt intend to behave the intelligent
way either. trying to fit entire words in such a small amount
of columns, respecting punctuation, not cutting through words
to have them cut at the end of a line, and all of this looong
nonsense. well. IT TAKES AGES. AND ITS TIRING. who cares. you
are here for art, right? here it is, the usual end of an info
file. enjoy impure nummer zwei und artzig. das ist da. il est
devant vous. salut vous, la prochaine, impure vous aiime.
zaner, special mention to you
old brother, you were written
in the impure 81st guest list
but iks forgot to add them in
its fixed. your files are in
now. delayed, but in. woohoo.
+mr roboto, thank you for the
most awesome guest piece, top
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