warpus by spinsane
warpus by spinsane
a spinsane ascii experiment
misplaced my header, nyuk!!
+---- :X : : xx4xxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxX fffffffff -----+:
---**. ..X .l// X SS /
.. : / o / /
i: . - ?/ //
.. X!! 1 / / / / /
/ /----Y /---- // / / / ::::
M !!wARPUs!! ?
++++++:++++++++++++++++++++++ sP!Mp
--snip snip snip-----------------------------------------------------------
Showed this to my wife.
She looked at it and said she thought she saw a scooter, and maybe a diving
No, I assured her. But then, again... yeah, maybe? I could see it too.
Sure. Lets say its a scooter.
We stood there awkwardly for a couple of minutes, standing away from the
monitor, inching towards to door.
The room was quiet, thats for sure.
Well, I said.
I can tell you that no one has ever colored an ascii like that before. On
purpose, at least...
For better or for worse I finished.
We chuckled. It was true probably true.
After a sigh, she went to bed, saying:
Make sure you get to bed soon too.
I will... I assured her, turning off the lights.
I tucked her in, gave her a kiss and went to reheat my dinner.