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FROM Friendly Fellow Fri, 12 Oct 2012
TO Johannes Lundberg 13:53
WHAT Why are we doing this?
JL I was gonna build a BBS software
JL But then something happened
I would suggest that you try someting else.. It is important to keep the
motivation going.. You failed on that?
A friend
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WORLDY POLITICS Johannes Lundberg - Jeff Quast Mon, Nov 27 2012 Who will win the US presidential election? 13:54
JQ The guys are basically the same..
JQ I am thinking about not voting this year at all.. :/
Why not? I have heard that Mitt Romney is the coolest guy ever.
Besides, he has the money. And the wealthy ladies.
Johannes // jojo
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Johannes Lundberg - Jeff Quest Fri, 12 Oct 2012 at 13:53 Why are we doing this? ----------------------------------------
JQ How did it go with the art work?
Well, I wouldnt really call it art, but whatever!
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In the early 2000s, I had got to know xzip thru is BBS in Gothenburg and we
both both agreed there was a lack of a powerful fully customizable software
for running your board. Hence, I coded heavily on a new BBS software for a
few years and the software was named The Progressive or simply PRSV.
Development slowed down progressively and came to a halt when life in
combination with certain technical realizations put my focus elsewhere.
As so often is the case with hobby projects.
However, this burst was not all in vain since the effort had sparked the
interest of fellow cyberpunk code dingo. When PRSV no longer kept being
updated, this very productive american built another BBS software inspired
by the Python design of PRSV. And so X/84 was born.
This art pack contains a few ideas for art that was made by me for X/84 but
that never saw the light before X/84 too stopped its development cycle.
I really anjoyed building the PRSV Python code base. I had so much fun and I
would not be where I am today in regards to software development had I not
spent so many days nights in Uppsala, Berlin and elsewhere coding this.
-- Johannes jojo Ridderstedt fd. Lundberg, APR 25 2021