On February 14 1995, Kevin David Mitnick was incarcerated for the sole
purpose of fur the egomaniacal agenda of the United States secret
service cervi x.x and the self aggrandizement of both would be security
expert Shimou and has-been media lackey John Markoff.
To commemorate this date and further etch our outrage into the hearts
and minds of corporate and milita America, we have built in a fail
O On exactly 01:00 hours February 1 o 1997 there will be a nationwide
. failure of powergrids in strateglocations. Remember, this wionly occur
if Kevin Davi / Mitnick is not released
and exonerate of all trumpedup charges
made against him.
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*Based on a BBS add published in Culto de la Larva Magazine 1997:
LeT iT Be KnoWn: