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. !: : :. l-,,,,,,,,--t- : : : !:
,- ,- : . ,:l:,,,:: / /
/ . ldn. ,- / ,- / / /
t h e z e r o . s i x . z e r o e y e c a n d y
i n f o
Moi moi,
In the dark times of time-stealing easter bunnies
and american power-thirsty technocrats we bring you
our -sixtieth- artpack to lighten up your everyday
lifes and help spring on its way. 60, Thats a whole
lot of artpacks. If you stockpile all the ascii art
in there it will reach three laps around the planets
crust. Not as many laps as Trumps dollar bills
ofcourse, but thats not the fruit of his labour
We would like to welcome our new talent in the group
called 2o! Who is an oldschool scener that fell into
our goodiebag this month. A great guy who we all like
and who draws mad matrjohskas.
We worked very hard for months to create this artpack
So, lean back.. brew a cup of coffee and enjoy our
wonderful world of ascii art.
i n f o
.want to apply to impure? mail us at impure@thuglife.org
and/or eric@modermodemet.se and include examples of
your work.. or drop by impure on irc efnet
.Impure is a style, not a group. If you think you have
the style, join up!
c o n t a c t
ftp ftp://shroo.ms hosted by frost temporarily down
irc impure @ efnet
mail impure@thuglife.org and eric@modermodemet.se
www http://bbs.ninja/impure
bbs bloodisland.ph4.se
artflow email us your guest pieces.
members know where to submit.
b o a r d s
world-hq - Piranha - Black flag - master: caphood
+ blackflag.acid.org +
euro-hq - Haciend - - master: h7
+ haciend.bbs.fi +
member - Blood island/x - - master: xzippo
+ bloodisland.ph4.se + hellbeard
member - Distortion -
+ d1st.org + - master: jP!
member - 79 Columns -
+ oddnetwork.org + - master: haliphax
member - Random noize -
+ maze.io + - master: maze
dist - Shrooms -
+ temporarily down + - master: frost
.want to be a dist. board/BBS or site, contact us.
m e m b e r s
.the clan. .memories.
greetz goes to our
pO pOGUE - norway past members, who has
xz hELLBEARD - sweden began their journey
grk gRISKOKARE - sweden into a new scene, a
hx hALIPHAX - usa new world or maybe
jp jACK pHLASH - usa just a new group in
mz mAZE - holland no partically order:
ldn lORD nIKON - germany spitfire, befeater,
grx gRMMXI - finland dorm, dopedemon, esc,
ch cAPHOOD - usa hex corrupt, quix,
+I 2o! - cuba the director, methane
skywalker, acidburn,
.guests. cleaner, dark stalker
jo jOJO - sweden the genocidal servant
znr zANER - cuba magma, mystic rage,
helter skelter, dwarf
dark entity,
tekkrik-e, zimmer,
inphamilair, blooz,
ansichrist, pix, pdz,
dedchylde, devilangel
acidbrain, elend,
simonking, ozzeth,
shadow lord,
dead brain, tribe,
noof, scour, curdon
g r e e t s
.hello to our friends in:
break!!ascii . blocktronics . mistigris
dezign . dekadence . devotion . galza
divine stylers . fire dream
+ all of you old geezers still in the text art scene
We dont believe in bad KARMA, we dont MIMIC, we
have no REMORSE and we are not about to BREAK up.
* 1 9 4 0 - 2 0 1 6 *
seventy five years of ascii art and counting!