t h e z e r o . f i v e . s i x e y e c a n d y
. O 5 6 .:
i n f o
Welcome to the fifty sixth g00diebag from europe with
love : Hope youll had a great xzip ehh xmas and a
good new year so far : Hellbeard is trying out the
dating scene again and hopefully hell find a nice and
lovely ascii girl soon, he deserves it : p0gue is
recovering from the holiday booz and is now drawing
with both hands on the beer handle hmmm wonder how
thats possible : When Maze is not drawing fire arms
hes working on the greatest text mode art hub known
to humanity - http://textmod.es. It is soon to be
official. Griskokaren is making plans for the
revolution which we hope will take place sometime
before the next pack.
Oh,Its also with great honor that some still enjoys
ripping our style and lettering : Dont think that
this goes unnoticed!
Love you all!
i n f o
.want to apply to impure? mail us at impure@thuglife.org
and/or eric@modermodemet.se and include examples of
your work.. or drop by impure on irc efnet
.Impure is a style, not a group. If you think you have
the style, join up!
c o n t a c t
ftp ftp://shroo.ms hosted by frost
irc impure or 1984 @ efnet
mail impure@thuglife.org and eric@modermodemet.se
www http://bbs.ninja/impure
bbs bloodisland.ph4.se
artflow email us your guest pieces.
members know where to submit.
b o a r d s
world-hq - Blood island/x - - master: xzippo
+ bloodisland.ph4.se +
euro-hq - Haciend - - master: h7
+ haciend.bbs.fi +
usa-hq - Piranha - Black flag - master: caphood
+ blackflag.acid.org +
+ port: 23/Mystic, 2425/PCB 2627/DD +
member - Distortion -
+ d1st.org + - master: jP!
member - 79 Columns -
+ oddnetwork.org + - master: haliphax
member - Random noize -
+ maze.io + - master: maze
dist - Shrooms -
+ bbs.shroo.ms + - master: frost
.want to be a dist. board/BBS or site, contact us.
m e m b e r s
.the clan. .memories.
pO pOGUE - norway greetz goes to our
xz hELLBEARD - sweden past members, who has
began their journey
grk gRISKOKARE - sweden into a new scene, a
hx hALIPHAX - usa new world or maybe
jp jACK pHLASH - usa just a new group in
scr sCOUR - cuba no partically order:
cdn cURDON - sweden spitfire, befeater,
mz mAZE - netherlands dorm, dopedemon, esc,
+ hex corrupt, quix,
ldn lORD nIKON - germany the director, methane
Who only wants to belong to skywalker, acidburn,
Dekadence cleaner, dark stalker
the genocidal servant
fileid.diz by tHREAZ of TWISTED magma, mystic rage,
helter skelter, dwarf
dark entity,
tekkrik-e, zimmer,
inphamilair, blooz,
ansichrist, pix, pdz,
dedchylde, devilangel
acidbrain, elend,
simonking, ozzeth,
shadow lord,
dead brain, tribe,
g r e e t s
.hello to our friends in:
break!ascii . blocktronics . tulou . x/84 dev team
dezign . dekadence . devotion . galza
divine stylers . fire dream
+ all of you old geezers still in the text art scene
We dont believe in bad KARMA, we dont MIMIC, we
have no REMORSE and we are not about to BREAK up.
/ n7vasl /
l / / /
--- --- - --- --- ---- --l/- ----- -
.o pure pimpin /
* 1 9 4 0 - 2 0 1 5 *
seventy five years of ascii art and counting!