it's all good mUTHA fUGAZ! by dreech [d3]
it's all good mUTHA fUGAZ! by dreech [d3]
..,ok this is my first release
under impure, this sheeit is fer my board
if you rip it.. i will kill you, then +o poOp
i will phuck you up the butt,.
.. cuz this is my first shit with impure, im gunn write some shit, i have no
clue what im gunna write.. so this is gunna be a surprise,. uhm,. yEAH! ok..
im almost done uhh, ok, yeah.. i havent used aciddraw in a while, its
weird.. uhmm.. i dunno..
.,gREETZ gO oUT tO,.
.,incesticide or the genocidal servant whatever the hell yer called now
helter skelter join blind you philthy bastard!
the rest of the impure crew you all know who you are,.
.,keep your unit in yer pants,.