07-95 info file by gravedigger
07-95 info file by gravedigger
gD! ,
---- -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- illusion premire - july 1995
hey.. I just thought id tell ya a little about whats going on here with illusionand what is to come... Ok well ive decided to release this despite the lack of
members. I deciced to release, even though i have few members right now. Even
though this may seem like a rather small group of artists, the art quality is
still high. As of now, I am still searching for new members, so if you can draw
good good meaning, better than average fill out the shitty form and upload it
to Phobia @ 203-488-4059, if you get accepted, you will receive the 800 number
so you probably will only be calling LD for this group once or twice so its
cool huh.. Well i know all this sounds so official, but i really dont have
too many rules.. just release as much as you can, and.. make sure it doesnt suckballs. As of now, like i said, we have a shitty ansi to fill in for an app, so any coders out there who wanna help me.. dont hesitate.
Ok well enough shit about that. Lets talk about what the hell illusion is.
illusion is a group i started in June 1995, that specializes in ascii art. What
i mean by ascii art, is not just black and white pictures, as some of the art
in this pack has ansi color in it. What i mean is mostly any art exept for rip
obviously and color s. Black and which ones are ok, seeing how thats ascii.
If anyone wants a specific ascii drawn, you can always call 203-488-4059 and usethe illusion support account un - illusion pw - apply and send me mail. Ok
well thats it, and look for future illusion releases in the future.
-illusion founder
-tric senior staff
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ok well what nfo file would be complete without some greetz??
Greetz go out to-
inner chaos - my first member, yes! also for taking care of shit when i was gonesir leechalot - thanks for being my whq!
Group Greetz-
tric - well you dont draw, but still rule P
wicked, asia and the rest of the cool ascii artists out there... latez!