greetz?! by phetalis
greetz?! by phetalis
introducing . . .
pp r i n c e s ss
. . . my co and best friend
aRG! i got tired of doing the same old shit: that is, doing fonts and logos
for shitty boards that were just put up and wont stay up for long.. so i
took it upon myself to do something special, zomezing different: this pack
im doing personal ansis for some of my friends.. its my way of making up for
all the greetz ive been forgetting to put in my ansis the last 13 months.. : enjoy the art.. dont be disappointed if you dont find any adds here..
.---------------------. --- brand spankinnew ---- --- --
-- borrowed from us-phlem.ans :
heres jinxs little corner of the colly
so to speak... i first met jinx about a
year ago when he applied to my board...
and lemme tell ya, he set the perfect
example of the perfect lamer, but up to
date, jinx has made a good name for
himself and hes become and all-round
cool guy. : good to know ya jinx
- phet
.---------------------. --- greets to joe camel ---- --- --
greetz 2:
.. a d r i a n ..
.---------------------. --- and finally, adrian blood --eof