A U G U S T 1 9 9 9
0. Sinned Soul was not mentioned in this info file.
1. In an attempt to overthrow the government, iCE has launched a presidential
campaign. The Vote for WWW.iCE.ORG for President project is being headed by
none other than the king turd himself, Lord Soth. Visit WWW.iCE.ORG today!
2. iCE didnt manage to enslave any new artists this month. Someone had to be
punished, and Syntax Error quickly volunteered. However, his begging for that
special pain quickly led to him being led back to his cage by his master, the
Doctor of Love, aka Vesalius.
3. The iCE ANSI squad was far too busy playing Hide the Hotdog with Force
Ten to be bothered with matters as trivial as ANSI. Somehow, a few dedicated
artists managed to produce a few lines of pixelated goodness.
3.5 In totally unrelated news, iCEs high-resolution department continued to
whoop major butt this month. Be sure to check out every disk of the iCEPack.
4. In yet another sign that the world cant get enough of iCEs art, 3D stud
Steven Stahlberg sold his Virtual Girl model for an estimated 2.3 billion
dollars. Steven immediately donated every penny to the Vote for WWW.iCE.ORG
for President campaign.
5. Some know Devastator as an iCE Member, but his true focus in life is to
spread the gospel of his love for hamsters. In accordance with this, Dev has
purchased the 3rd world nation of Canada and turned it into a full time hamster
sex clubhouse. Streaming video of Devastator and his furry friends can be found
6. As summer winds down, iCE continues to march into the new millenium. Will we
all die? Will all the computers turn into chop suey? Will Syntax Error ever
get over his Ricky Martin obsession? The only way to find out will be to catch
us again next month. Until then, toodles!
- Trip Naked ANSI for life! iCE
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion Lord Soth